POLL: Tory leads while Ford climbs in support

The Forum Research poll was conducted among 1,945 Torontonians this week

A new Forum Research poll suggests that Rob Ford is climbing in voter support.

It puts John Tory in the lead with 34 percent support, then Rob Ford with 31 percent, and Olivia Chow follows with 23 percent support. In fourth, is David Soknacki with 4 percent support.

7 percent say they don't know who they would vote for, if the election was held tomorrow.

The phone survey was conducted among 1,945 Torontonians on Monday and Tuesday of this week.

Since early August, Ford's support grew 6 percentage points, while John Tory dropped by 1 percent. Olivia Chow dropped by 2 points.

The margin of error is plus or minus 2 percent, 19 times out of 20.

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  1. Fact Provider posted on 08/28/2014 08:53 AM
    These so-called numbers are from the same reliable polling organization that predicted a Conservative majority government provincially.

    Ford will be lucky to see 20%.
  2. Karl Burgin posted on 08/28/2014 09:44 AM
    While the person above (BS Provider) continues to live in their denial-filled delusional fantasy, the reality is, it is a race between Ford and Tory. It always really was.

    May the best man win...
    1. dama posted on 08/28/2014 09:52 AM
      @Karl Burgin I think poll is an over used tool to predict a result that is always wrong..
      ; it might sway voter's mind to which candidate they might vote for
      and the Ford brothers dont believe in the poll themselvest.. Doug and Rob had been saying only poll is Oct 27 and they are right.....

      34 VS 31.. going to the wire..
  3. Karl Burgin posted on 08/28/2014 10:00 AM
    That is somewhat true. Polls are supposed to be the litmus test of public thinking. But sometimes (if not lately), its been somewhat used as a way to influence public thinking to reflect the results of the polls (that sentence is a brain twister). Pretty much, its the "chicken-or-egg" scenario.

    But I think a succession of good polls give a better idea of where things stand.
    An example of a bad poll was one taken for the "Convenience stores association" (something along those lines), where 700 people were polled. In that case, that was a bad poll- and probably was done to try influence public opinion.
  4. ToddK_2 posted on 08/28/2014 10:52 AM
    Go John go!
  5. Murray_2008 posted on 08/28/2014 02:28 PM
    This poll, if accurate, will thankfully spell the end of Chow as a serious threat to become mayor. As it gets closer to election day, supporters of Chow will gravitate to Tory rather than give their votes to someone they know is a loser, so that Tory can beat Ford. This poll is good news for John Tory.
  6. JustinR_5912 posted on 08/28/2014 02:58 PM
    If you're still undecided about who to vote for, the Toronto Taxpayer's Coalition has published the results of the survey they sent out to each of the candidates. Chow's answers are exactly the sort of fiscally-illiterate verbal diarrhea that the NDP are famous for, but the answers given by the REAL candidates are a good read.

    Personally, I'm hoping John Tory will win; in the event that he loses too much ground in the polls, though, I'll hold my nose and vote for Ford if it's what I have to do to keep Chow out of office.

  7. AbbyW posted on 08/28/2014 03:37 PM
    Chow was NDP Transportation critic yet she has no viable plan for transit in Toronto. Anyone wonder what she was doing while receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in Ottawa? That alone should ring alarm bells as to her incompetence.
    1. JustinR_5912 posted on 08/28/2014 03:57 PM
      @AbbyW That she was a member of the NDP is enough to ring alarm bells as to her incompetence. Having a Dipstick in power at any level of government is bad news for anyone who works an honest job to make their living and feed their family.
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