Half of weekend road fatalities caused by distracted driving

That's despite a Provincial Police push to cut down on the practice...

Despite an effort to crack down on the number of people driving while distracted over the long weekend, Provincial Police say half of the fatal crashes in the province were a result of someone using a handheld device while behind the wheel.

Those two collisions resulting in death has pushed the provincial total for distracted driving deaths to 39.

This past weekend was the first for the OPP to deploy their 10 new re-purposed distracted driving enforcement sports utility vehciles across the province.

They will continue to be used full time.

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  1. Angry Bill posted on 09/02/2014 03:45 PM
    The authorities are very wrong-headed in their approach to this problem.

    As long as they approach it like they are now, with the emphasis on fining people and taking money from them, then people will look at it the same way as every other traffic rule.. where they watch out for cops instead of curtailing the activity. People just view it as another cash grab, a point of view that the cops can't really argue against, because they are stopping you and taking your money. They will charge you with distracted driving even if you pull over to the side of the road to make a call. It's happened. Story in the news a year ago, a guy got a ticket from a bicycle cop while he was pulled over off the road to make a call. You know, the driver did what he was supposed to in order to be safe, and the cop gives him a ticket anyway. As long as cops keep pulling stupid shyte like that, then they will never convince the public that this is anything more than just another cash grab.

    Instead, if they're serious, they'd get far more traction out of putting their efforts into public education. Put out viral ads, step up efforts to educate the public every chance they get. When someone gets pulled over while texting, instead of acting like they always do and give them a ticket, why not give them a mandatory notice to appear at a distracted driving training seminar? If they don't show up for that, THEN fine them.

    Otherwise, the public will just look at this as just another cash grab. And unfortunately, that's the direction they have chosen to go in.
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