NBA to rule on possible punishment for LA Clippers owner

The league will announce on Tuesday, what action (if any) will be taken against the Clippers' owner for his alleged racist remarks

The N-B-A will announce on Tuesday what it plans to do about taped racist comments attributed to LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling.
The league has rules regarding player conduct, but it's unclear what can be done about owner infractions.
Some corporate sponsors aren't waiting on the NBA to decide on action. Mercedes-Benz USA and used car chain CarMax are among firms ending or suspending their advertising relationship with the Clippers.

Former NBA star and Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson has called for the NBA to suspend Donald Sterling indefinitely, appoint an executive or family member to run the team, and levy ``the maximum fine possible'' as punishment for the racist remarks purportedly made by the Los Angeles Clippers' owner.
Johnson is advising the National Basketball Players Association while the Sterling matter plays out and posted to Twitter early Tuesday, saying, ``We're at a defining moment in the history of the National Basketball Association.''
Johnson acknowledged that it might not be possible to force Sterling to sell the team, but made it clear the players believe ``Mr. Sterling should no longer have the privilege of being an owner of an NBA team.''
Johnson questioned how many of the league's players, many of whom are African-American, would want to work for Sterling.

Sterling, the 80-year-old owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, is alleged to have made racist comments heard in an audio file published over the weekend by TMZ and Deadspin. There has been no official confirmation that it is Sterling on the recording.

He had been talking to V. Stiviano at the time, who was alleged to be his mistress at one point. She denies that.