UPDATE: Toe trouble sends Rob Ford to hospital

The Mayor's staff says Rob Ford had to get medical treatment for an injury to his baby toe, Councillor Ford confirms the Mayor's sobriety coach is taking a step back

Rob Ford finishes at tour at a west-end Community Housing building. (file photo)
Photo: James Moore/NEWSTALK 1010

Rob Ford had to pay a visit to the hospital Thursday morning.

The Mayor's staff says Ford hurt his baby toe.

Officials are not saying much about the injury (they were not able to confirm whether his left or right foot is ailing) but Ford's spokesman says the injury is not serious and the Mayor will recover.

He was seen walking into City Hall later the same day.

NEWSTALK 1010 has been told Ford has had ongoing issues with the toe and somehow aggravated the injury.

At first, Ford's office said the Mayor planned to have surgery to address the problem some time next week.  The Mayor's spokesman has since said he in fact has no immediate plans to have an operation.

Meanwhile, Mayor Ford's brother, councillor Doug Ford, confirms the Mayor's sobriety coach is taking a step back.

He will not be with Ford day-to-day.

Councillor Ford says his brother is ready to tackle his addiction without round-the-clock support and that Mayor Ford will be in touch with the Montreal-based addictions treatment specialist on a regular basis.

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  1. Dr. Real Explanation posted on 07/17/2014 12:25 PM
    More like the big toe, not the little one is the culprit

    That would narrow down the cause to either gout (based on his healthy eating regimen) or to injuries aggravated while trying to insert his foot into his mouth so often (i.e. the debate earlier this week when he was caught in over a dozen lies).
    1. tanjo posted on 07/17/2014 12:29 PM
      @Dr. Real Explanation Damn, you beat me to it !

      I would say something else, but the other news items coming out today are so depressing that I don't have the heart.
  2. tanjo posted on 07/17/2014 01:09 PM
    Okay, I am now very disturbed. I just realized that I have been reading an article about Rob Ford's baby toe!

    Where is Karl when we need him!
  3. David posted on 07/17/2014 02:19 PM
    Breaking news email alert about a useless baby toe, not 30 minutes after reporting that an airliner had been shot down? Someone should reconsider their definition of news :)
  4. dama posted on 07/17/2014 02:25 PM
    What can I say.. Rob Ford is the news maker.. even his BABY toe is newsworthy..
    and we are posting on it..

    Hmmmmm.. darn you Rob Ford..

    Slow News day..
    1. tanjo posted on 07/17/2014 02:52 PM
      @dama Duffy charged, 7-year old girl killed, plane crash in Ukraine, and this is a SLOW news day?

      We have a disease, I tell you!
    2. dama posted on 07/17/2014 03:07 PM
      @tanjo ohh ya.. the 7 year old.. makes me sad.

      plane crashed ?? it shot down by Ukraine and or Russia, that one I cannot comprehend too.. Shoot before identify if it is a friendly plane!!!

      and some black guy complained to Integrity commissioner about Rob Ford racial slur and got his 10 minutes fame in CFRB 1010 with Edward Keenan..

      and Rob Ford wants Toronto Waterfront CEO to resign when most Torontonian wants him to resign..something wrong with this picture??

      disease.. ya incurable,,
  5. tanjo posted on 07/17/2014 03:01 PM
    I love the breaking conspiracy theories:

    ... Ford was really on a bender last night on Danzig Street and that's why he was really "checked into the hospital", and why his sobreity coach left the day he "checked into the hospital" ...

    No, wait I heard a better one!

    ... It was actually Ford to whom McRobb lent her truck, crashing it and Injuring His Foot (dramatic pause) ... which is why ... he leant her ... His Truck (another dramatic pause) ... and sent her to His Garage ... and paid for it ... through Deco Labels!

    Okay, I totally made up the last part, but it all fits !

    Dum Dum Duuuuuuuummmm! <--- ominous music, not politcal commentary
  6. Arlo Mack posted on 07/17/2014 03:04 PM
    I'd offer to cut off my little toe if the news guys would promise to stop covering e-v-e-r-y s-i-l-l-y l-i-t-t-l-e thing this man does.
  7. Toe troubles? posted on 07/17/2014 05:46 PM
    Toe troubles? The hospital should look first at his brain troubles.
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