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Transit Commissioner questions value of the TTC board of directors

Transit Commissioner Josh Colle is frustrated by the TTC board's lack of political clout. READ MORE

TTC Board backs CEO's call for transit improvements

A slate of upgrades to TTC service proposed by CEO Andy Byford has been backed by the Transit Commission. READ MORE

LISTEN: Rob Ford pledges action on Toronto's trash-toppling troublemakers

Mayor Rob Ford says Toronto's got a 'serious' raccoon problem. READ MORE

TTC: proposed fare system will speed up your downtown drive

CEO Andy Byford wants to shift Toronto's streetcar routes to a proof-of-payment program that would allow for boarding on all doors of a streetcar. READ MORE

Rob Ford renews pledge to phase out streetcars

Rob Ford believes doing away with streetcars in favour of building new subway lines will ease Toronto's gridlocked streets. READ MORE

Police want pics, videos from VELD

Officers are still trying to figure out what was in the drugs that killed is believed to have killed two and made 13 others ill... READ MORE

TTC union says dismissed bus driver deserves another chance

The union that represents the TTC bus driver who was fired for running a red light says the employee should be given another chance. READ MORE

Hateful comments about Israel land TTC worker in trouble

A TTC worker is under investigation for appearing on TV and saying things like "we will kill all Isreal." READ MORE

Councillor Ford threatens legal action against Globe and Mail

Mayor Ford's brother and campaign manager is firing back at the newspaper after it published allegations the Fords tried to help a client of the family's label company land printing contracts at City Hall. READ MORE

Father charged after 2 young girls found in hot car

A 35-year old father faces charges after two young girls were found in a hot vehicle on Tuesday. READ MORE

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