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PC Forcillo: "When I was dealing with Mr. Yatim, I was going home that night"

A Crown prosecutor is suggesting that a Toronto officer on trial for killing a teen on an empty streetcar was not interested in any kind of discussion with the youth on the night he confronted him. READ MORE

NEW VIDEO: Const. Forcillo tells about deadly streetcar standoff through his eyes

Toronto Police Const. James Forcillo says if he could do it all over again he would keep the second volley of bullets in the magazine of his Glock 22 handgun, rather than send them at 18-year old Sammy Yatim. READ MORE

Toronto cop accused of murder tells jury, "I never meant to kill anybody"

The officer insists it was never his intention to kill Yatim, when the two came face-to-face in a 50-second standoff along Dundas Street West. READ MORE

James Forcillo to take stand today

Forcillo has plead not guilty to second degree murder, attempted murder of Sammy Yatim READ MORE

'Drunk dial' to police about car trouble leads to arrest

Allegations are it was about 2:30am when 27-year old Anthony Scuglia called the non-emergency line to tell the police he needed help getting his car started. READ MORE

Crown wraps case in Const. James Forcillo murder trial

The Crown closed its case on Monday after about a month of evidence and witness testimony. READ MORE

Crown expert: Constable Forcillo had "an eternity" to find other options in streetcar standoff

The Crown's expert witness on police tactics refuses to back down through an aggressive cross-examination. READ MORE

Sammy Yatim told TTC janitor to call police before he was killed in standoff

Anthony Sampogna says Sammy Yatim came up to him on the lowest level of the Dundas subway station shortly before the 18-year-old boarded a streetcar where he was eventually fatally shot by Const. James Forcillo. READ MORE

UPDATE: Former York Regional Police Sergeant accused of sexually assaulting a young girl

Authorities say 65-year old Donald Clark, who wore a York Regional Police uniform for 32 years, is also accused of sexual interference. READ MORE

Transportation Ministry moves to make good for snow-clearing fiasco

The provincial government says it is living up to a promise to do a better job in clearing snow from your winter commute READ MORE

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