Second health care worker in Texas contracts Ebola

The statement says the health care worker, who wasn't identified, was interviewed to identify any contacts or potential exposures. READ MORE

Man tests negative for Ebola in Belleville, Ontario

The male patient is expected to make a full recovery, and will be discharged from the hospital very soon. READ MORE

WHO insists global Ebola response must be ramped up

A World Health Organization official says there could be up to 10,000 new cases of Ebola per week within two months. READ MORE

WATCH: Ebola joke backfires on US Airways passenger

A hazmat team was called in to inspect a flight from Philadelphia to the Dominican on Wednesday, after a man on the plane sneezed, and then joked that he's infected with the deadly Ebola virus. READ MORE

CAMH calling for legalization of marijuana

CAMH is suggesting the sale of cannabis through a government-controlled monopoly, with limited availability and with an age limit. READ MORE

UPDATE: Toronto cases of Enterovirus D68 'tailing off'

SickKids confirmed one new case on Wednesday READ MORE

Report: Canadians wait an average of 7.5 or less at the Emergency Room

The Canadian Institute for health Information is out with a report showing that on average, most patients in Canadian ER's wait 7.5 hours or less to be seen by a doctor. READ MORE

Bee-killing pesticides worry Ontario's environmental commissioner

Ontario's Environmental Commissioner Gord Miller says most fruits and vegetable crops in Ontario depend on pollinators such as honey bees and just one seed of corn treated with this insecticide is enough to kill one entire hive of bees. READ MORE

Driving with hands-free gadgets is not as safe as you might think

Two new studies show if you are driving and you use your voice-activated phone or your dashboard info-tainment system, you may be even more distracted than if you used your phone, with your hand to your head. READ MORE

U.S. Ebola patient in critical condition

The Dallas man was previously said to be in a serious but stable condition. READ MORE

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