Facebook apologizes for removing 'napalm girl' photo

Site concedes sometimes historical importance outweighs sweeping away nudity READ MORE

Facebook finds this photo too offensive to keep up

Iconic image of Kim Phuc running from a napalm attack in Vietnam is a Pulitzer Prize winner READ MORE

Apple to show off new iPhones and maybe new ways to listen

Company expected to do away with 3.5 mm headphone jack READ MORE

Newsletter and breaking news alert pause

The pause is scheduled to last through the month of September READ MORE

Councillor Norm Kelly defends his reputation as "The #6Dad"

Norm Kelly says his online celebrity never gets in the way of his duty as a Scarborough city councillor. READ MORE

Apple's quarterly revenue falls for first time in more than a decade

It sold more than 51 million iPhones the first three months of 2016 READ MORE

UK's Daily Mail circles Yahoo

Shares of Yahoo down about 30% since end of 2014 READ MORE

FBI cracks iPhone of San Bernardino shooter without Apple's help

Court battle between Apple and government effectively ended READ MORE

Apple to show off new iPhone today

Analysts say it could be upgrade to older, four-inch iPhone 5S READ MORE

Report: Autonomous braking to be in most cars by 2022

The Associated Press reports major automakers and the U.S. government have reached agreement to make automatic emergency braking standard equipment. READ MORE

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