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  1. Power use falls 3.5 percent during Earth Hour

    AbbyW said "I heard 1010 interview former mayor Miller about earth hour and all the BS he was spouting. He and his leftie cohorts managed to increase carbon pollution in Toronto with their moronic ideas of incre..." Read more
  2. WATCH: Average hydro bill to jump by $137 next year

    Mark7 said "Personally, I do not find the willful destruction of Canada to be of a joking manner." Read more
  3. John Baird lands job as international adviser to Barrick Gold, company says

    snowball said "I noticed a number of Provincial Liberal ministers who ended up with jobs with companies who completely rely on political support. For instance, Carol Mitchell was Minister of Agriculture, pushing har..." Read more
  4. WATCH: Average hydro bill to jump by $137 next year

    Karl Burgin said "I get that your answer is a 'tongue-in-cheek' response.
    But in all honesty, I think its a bit much now to blame the Harris government for our present state of affairs...dont you?"
    Read more
  5. UPDATE: Transport Canada changes cockpit rules for all Canadian airlines

    MarkFromEtobicoke said "I do hope that the second person, who is not a pilot, receives familiarization as to which switch(s) are the ones to unlock the door." Read more
  6. Ontario Craft Brewers ask province for more retail options

    MarkFromEtobicoke said "Don't forget, the brewers also grease the palms of the Progressive Conservatives and the NDP by similar amounts." Read more
  7. 45 minutes and you could be a trucker

    MarkFromEtobicoke said "So glad you agree we need better government regulation and enforcement of the same. I think we should also charge those dipstick politicians who want to "cut red tape" and let the markets enforce safe..." Read more
  8. WATCH: Average hydro bill to jump by $137 next year

    MarkFromEtobicoke said ""Sadly Karl, the fire started decades ago with these cold hearted ***tards."

    Well two decades ago would be 1995 or the start of the Mike Harris administration. Is that what you mean?"
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