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  1. Queen's Park critics say Liberals are 'scrambling'

    john's cousin said "1st - NOT - 1th (illiterate moron)
    2nd - The rate drop doesn't apply to tricycle riding morons.
    3rd - English please."
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  2. UPDATE: Mayor defends TCH CEO after release of scathing report

    Brief and to the Point said "Rob Ford and Stephen Harper, two peas in a pod.
    Neither one of them is capable of recommending or appointing quality people."
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  3. UPDATE: Mayor defends TCH CEO after release of scathing report

    arthur said "reading the points of the report. it's unbelievable the mismanagement/conflict of interest the total neglect of leadership of a public service. He has to go!
    he ran Detroits social housing? well ..."
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  4. UPDATE: Mayor defends TCH CEO after release of scathing report

    tanjo said "Let's be honest Frankie, if we are talking about people being fiscally prudent at city, you are looking a small sample size to begin with, and their leader is well known for not knowing, let alone fol..." Read more
  5. South Korean President talks tough on sunken ferry disaster

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  6. Legalities of Amanda Todd's extradition case keep law experts in a muddle

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  7. Apple to offer free recycling of used products

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  8. Crew members of sunken South Korean ship in custody

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