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  1. WATCH: Ford says he won't back down

    Frankie said "Hey Don, speaking of which, what do you call a Somali Pirate?

    A nigg-arrrhh......."
    Read more
  2. WATCH: Ford says he won't back down

    Don is always right said "I'm a bit surprised by the lack of Somali drug dealers and other gang bangers in that crowd of supporters." Read more
  3. Petawawa Soldier Facing Additional Sex Charges

    Frankie said "RAPE. Small word. Long sentence." Read more
  4. Province defends bear hunt pilot

    Frankie said "I find it 'unbearable' that this province ended the full scale bear hunt many yrs ago.It's time to break out the ol' Winchesters and send little Yogi and Boo-Boo to bear heaven." Read more
  5. Man in Netherlands Facing Charges in Amada Todd Bullying Case

    Frankie said "A 'Dutchman' arrested for the Amanda Todd bullying a surprise. If you've ever visited the Netherlands, it becomes readily apparent how the Dutch are truely the swine of Europe..." Read more
  6. Province wants GO trains to run every 15 minutes

    don was right said "Union employees at bombadier and GO will be happy" Read more
  7. Wynne launches $2 million libel suit against Tories

    Karl Burgin said "And please excuse the grammar/spelling mistakes. Typing on a Z10. You know how it is- damn auto-correct and all that..." Read more
  8. Wynne launches $2 million libel suit against Tories

    Karl Burgin said "1.) yawn...been there, done that. As I said, you know nothing about me. So if u think i'm threatens by the likes of you, hate to burst your little
    2.) you are just like your typical posse friends..."
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