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  1. Doug Ford will not run for PC leadership

    DanielC_7878 said "How many time has Doug Ford threatened publicly to sue a person or a newspaper? Same thing as his brother. How many times has this pair of quitters publicly claimed they never quit -only to pick up t..." Read more
  2. Doug Ford will not run for PC leadership

    The Secret said "Lol!
    Doug makes me laugh!
    I don't think the PCs wanted anything to do with this guy. It took him a very long time to realize this. Ontario will do just fine without you Doug. Politics i..."
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  3. Doug Ford will not run for PC leadership

    Ronecol said "That's all we needed was the ford circus at the provincial level. This guys ego is mind boggling. Go run your business. Look after your girls. Just PLEEEAASSSE go away." Read more
  4. Australian cricketer dies after after being hit on the head by a ball

    Mark7 said ""Deaths are rare in cricket, although Hughes is the second player in two years to sustain a fatal blow"

    So sad that this was completely avoidable. It says this young man was hit behind the..."
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  5. Accused foot licker surrenders to York Region police

    Mark7 said "I still wonder how Justin ever got famous to begin with. Oh yea...mass marketing to the kiddies. :)" Read more
  6. WATCH: Police launch "Lock It or Lose It" campaign

    AbbyW said "Too bad we can't lock up the money the Liberals have been "stealing", bribing unions with, mismanaging, etc. from us, or better still lock up the Liberals behind this." Read more
  7. Jian Ghomeshi to plead not guilty

    AbbyW said "Actually the prosecution has to prove him guilty, not his lawyer proving him innocent; not exactly the same. Legally can't consent to assault which'll be prosecutors biggest weapon thanks to the vide..." Read more