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  1. U.S. President arrives in Ottawa

    Save waterD said "The three stooges reunion, almost brings a tear to my eye." Read more
  2. Police: Teen sexually assaulted in her home

    LiR said "Gee.
    Black, male.
    Quelle suprise."
    Read more
  3. Patrick Brazeau charged in drunk driving incident

    LiR said "He most certainly is a disgrace.

    And he collects tax payer money to be one."
    Read more
  4. Motorcycles collide on the 401

    No Regerts said "Amateurs on crotch rockets." Read more
  5. WATCH: Premier supportive of hotel tax and photo radar for Toronto

    Karl Burgin said "Thanks for the words of encouragement. Its just that 2 years to go before the next election seems so far away.
    God only knows how much more of a beating Ontarians can take....."
    Read more
  6. Goodwill gets a second chance in Toronto

    LiR said "As if having a union had anything to do with the corruption that happened to the last one.
    And as if having a union is a negative thing.
    Wow...Talk about regression in Canada as a whole, but..."
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  7. Plenty of instruction on how to use their guns, but not enough on how to use their mouths.

    Angry Bill said "I'm going to have to agree with this. For a police force that's as well paid as these people are, I expect a much, much higher standard of training than they currently have.

    And as an asid..."
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