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  1. Who owns those snowplows?

    AbbyW said "Is Del Duca related to Liz Sandals?
    He was asked a very simple the taxpayers own the equipment, yes or no?

    He's either incredibly stupid, incompetent or dishonest by sp..."
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  2. Municipal Land Transfer tax won't be spreading across Ontario

    Save waterD said "Sea biscuit ain't done yet folks, don't you worry." Read more
  3. Liberals secure majority win in Newfoundland and Labrador

    Save waterD said "Nice to see ontario isn't the only brainless turds." Read more
  4. Municipal Land Transfer tax won't be spreading across Ontario

    Ernie said "Im glad this was decided this way. Municipal governments do not have the ability to budget deficits or budget profit. (That's why they scam their budgets). This would have just given them another w..." Read more
  5. Homeowner charged after CO detector disconnected

    Sophie said "First read I thought this is adding insult to injury but after thinking about it a firefighter was injured so a fine is in order. After all, the guy knowingly removed the batteries." Read more
  6. Municipal Land Transfer tax won't be spreading across Ontario

    AbbyW said "The Liberals will simply find other ways to "steal" our money, bribe unions and waste billions." Read more
  7. Ontario economic picture not as bad as first thought

    Karl Burgin said "No....Ontario's economic picture isn't as bad as first thought- its a lot worst.
    Not to worry Loreto...Once we have no real-estate or buildings or corporations left to sell, there's always our h..."
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  8. UPDATE: Trudeau on hand as UN climate conference gets underway

    Karl Burgin said "So....
    I'm hearing that 40,000 people are going to be attending this summitt. In the mixture will be City Councillor Pam McConnell, Justin's new gal pal Wynne and Mayor John Tory.
    Will they ..."
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