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  1. Air Transat to offer compensation for cancelled flight

    Hinterland MIke said "Let me guess what AirTransat will offer. A free flight no! Probably a coupon for 100 bucks off a free flight. You can wipe your butt with that coupon!" Read more
  2. Police: Suspect in Munich shooting dead; appears to have acted alone

    Save waterD said "Hmm another brownie with desert blood working magic. Times like these where the Hungarians , Polish,Romanians were closing their borders to this kind of trash coming in and the left wing was hell ben..." Read more
  3. NBA moving All-Star Game out of Charlotte, cites LGBT law

    Karl Burgin said "And yet the NBA can go to other countries and promote, that have laws that are 10x worst than North Carolina. Hypocritical, double-standard of a stance- I think so.

    But then again, the Left..."
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  4. Toronto man convicted in York U sexual assault

    lynnea_0576 said "Finally some action against these male creeps @ York U. There's a very sick culture in that place. How did i know that he'd have a muslim name? Because in that culture "there's nothing called rape", t..." Read more
  5. Trump's big speech: Heavy on nostalgia for better past, like his campaign slogan

    Save waterD said "Once mr trump is president, I'm really hoping that snowball keeps rolling and gets my fellow citizens to rid us of these liberal criminal roaches that have destroyed Ontario. Hopefully the "horse" wi..." Read more
  6. 17 arrested in flag-burning melee outside GOP convention

    Save waterD said "Left wing tards have no idea what your talking about and this is why the separation between left and right is widening ... Trying to give logical advise to a left wing nut job is
    Equivalent to t..."
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