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  1. WATCH: Tempers flare as Toronto moves to legalize ride-for-hire services

    Hinterland MIke said "Hmmm, I wonder how many traffic disruptions there will be today?
    I wonder if this bylaw will ever be enforced? Who is going to enforce it?
    I wonder if UBER will follow it?
    I wonder ho..."
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  2. Council to vote on Uber's future

    IBLeaf said "When public representatives decide the right for a competitor to compete for business in order to protect an vastly unpopular oligopoly, such a society can no longer be regarded as a democracy." Read more
  3. Council to vote on Uber's future

    Hinterland MIke said "It does not matter what by law they pass! Who would enforce it? No one. This one will be a useless as the old one which they refused to enforce! What a waste of taxpayers money!" Read more
  4. Mike Duffy returns to the Red Chamber

    Hinterland MIke said "The pufster has returned! Oh my God what has he done? He was the lap dog for Steve O Harper until Steve O thought he might embarrass him.

    What is more embarrassing is the lack of accounta..."
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  5. PQ leader steps down to 'focus on family'

    Hinterland MIke said "A politicians life is different from being the CEO of Quebecor. What did you not get your own way?" Read more
  6. EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Second Canadian held hostage in Philippines pleads for his life.

    LoriT_2302 said "If I were stupid enough to go to a place like that I would never expect a red cent to help me. What makes anyone think they are worth 8 million dollars, I know I'm sure not. I don't mean to sound "u..." Read more
  7. Council to vote on Uber's future

    AbbyW said "IMO Councillor Davis would be caving to the corrupt taxi system the city colluded with the plate owners. She has it backwards. Allowing Uber is catering to the citizens of Toronto that have embraced..." Read more
  8. You won't be able to pay your traffic tickets online anytime soon

    James C. Walker said "This is GOOD news. The "Administrative Monetary Penalty" system was a pure money grab scam. It was designed to remove the presumption of innocence and get speed trap and other ticket victims to just g..." Read more