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  1. Tory government would consider ban of niqab in public service

    Ian Coutts said ""vast, vast" sounds like something Rob Ford would say, as in "sincerely, sincerely, sincerely". One cannot make something more vast than vast or more sincere than sincere.

    I'm sure that Mr...."
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  2. LISTEN: Former Conservative candidate clarifies position on homosexuality

    Ian Coutts said "Does this mean that if Mr. Grewal should receive the most votes in his riding he would be elected as an independent? Or does it mean that any votes cast for him would be rejected by Elections Canada, ..." Read more
  3. WATCH: Sabastian Prosa sentenced 5 years in prison

    LoretoS said "It is now clear to me why these pin-heads continue to drink and drive.......

    There are really very little consequences - even if you kill people. Oh you will do time....but not that much r..."
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  4. UPDATE: Opposition parties slam Ontario Liberals over highway snow removal contracts

    LezardP said "Carillion - a UK company specialising in Mid East construction ventures. No concept of what snow removal entails. There has to be some money connection to the awarding of this contract." Read more
  5. UPDATE: Canada to give $4.3 billion to protect farmers from impact of TPP

    LezardP said "Disband the milk marketing boards and allow Canadian dairy farmers to increase their production to levels that will have them competitive in the world markets. Sell North American cars in Japan, a mar..." Read more
  6. Report: Father of boys killed in 401 crash Lt. Col. in Mexican military

    LezardP said "The lack of overhead lighting would have accentuated the line up of cars taillights, especially from the vantage point of the cab of a tractor trailer. The lighting conditions are no excuse nor a reas..." Read more
  7. UPDATE: Opposition parties slam Ontario Liberals over highway snow removal contracts

    AbbyW said "Agree with you that the cheapest isn't always the best however, if contracts were properly written and enforced this wouldn't happen and quite possibly the cheapest contract wouldn't fulfil the requir..." Read more