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  1. MP Dean Del Mastro found guilty of exceeding spending limits in 2008 vote

    DanielC_7878 said "And there I was thinking that his good looks would get him off...." Read more
  2. Province wants to revamp sex ed curriculum

    dama said "Ok what is the current sex ed currilculum? are students "failing" in that subject? like they don't know how to "perform"? or is there too many unwanted pregnancies?

    Look to Asia and the ed..."
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  3. Man sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 12 years

    Angry Bill said "You are way more willing to go through insurance than I am. Every time you make a claim, they record it and increase your counter by 1. And when you renew your insurance, you are left with scratchin..." Read more
  4. TTC adding colour code for priority seating

    Angry Bill said "Toronto is full of people like "leprechaun" man and "take a dump in a crowded subway car" woman. Do you think those sorts of people will really care? They'll continue to do what they want." Read more
  5. Province wants to revamp sex ed curriculum

    Karl Burgin said "Maybe given that our trusty Liberal government cannot seem to grasp the concept of simple finances (as evidence by their series of financial bloopers and gaffs), it probably shows that they were the p..." Read more
  6. Province wants to revamp sex ed curriculum

    Angry Bill said "During my public school days, I went to a different school every year until grade 8.. sometimes I swapped schools more than once in a year. Wasn't anything I did, my parents just moved a lot. No ide..." Read more
  7. Province wants to revamp sex ed curriculum

    Karl Burgin said "True that BILL.
    Its kinda funny how this is the only subject (being sex) that they're pushing so that young people are "smarter in the decisions they make." But concerning the other life-necessar..."
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