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  1. UPDATE: Kensington Market fire deemed arson

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  2. Tory: "I'm going to be my own traffic czar"

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  4. Social interaction could be key to Rob Ford's recovery: doctor

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  5. Kennedy the first to be added to 'Leafs Row'

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  6. Police say Ontario Liberals paid $10K to wipe hard drives in premier's office

    IBLeaf said "What is the point of reciting evidence when you turn a blind eye to it? Debating with you is akin to a creationist arguing with an evolutionary biologist." Read more
  7. Sony scraps plans for film release under threat of terrorism

    MarkFromEtobicoke said "Interesting comment by Ed Keenan today filling in for Jerry Agar. It was during the touch-downs and fumbles from 11:30-12:00 and Keenan said that he had heard Sony would get 100% of the costs of the m..." Read more
  8. Police say Ontario Liberals paid $10K to wipe hard drives in premier's office

    MarkFromEtobicoke said ""Apparently you are exempt from the law if elected to office in the province of Ontario."

    So tell me what law exactly has Dalton McGuinty broken? Maybe he hasn't been charged because he has..."
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