Beyond the Mic- November 29, 2012

Posted By: Beyond the Mic · 11/29/2012 12:58:00 PM
Beyond the Mic- CFRB Toronto, November 29, 2012 
12:08- Mike’s Monologue – The Fixer Column @ The Star and Mike’s own gripes driving in
GUEST: Jack Lakey, Toronto Star
12:15- Are you really a “victim” of a scam artist if you pay $15,000 for “witchcraft healing”?
GUEST: Penny Muir, Witch and longtime listener
12:27- **CALLS**
12:38- Crossover with Jim Richards- YAHOO CEO, Marissa Mayer takes serious flack for saying being a working mom is “easy”

12:46- How your breast implants can save your life....

GUEST: Dr. Mitch Shulman, NEWSTALK 1010 Medical Correspondent


12:57- **James Moore Meltdown ** & a solution from Jack Lakey
TOMORROW: "My Cat from Hell" The new hit TV show

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