Beyond the Mic- February 5, 2013

Posted By: Beyond the Mic · 2/5/2013 1:10:00 PM


12:08- Mike’s Monologue –THOUGHT OF THE DAY +Andrea Howath floats a no nonsense idea re: Auto Insurance and our legal expert will tell you why it could cost you more. 

12:15-GUEST: Sandra Zisckind, Diamond and Diamond


12:27- $300 bottles of Vodka- The Winterlicious way?

GUEST: Laura Skene, Manager of Brassai 

12:38: Crossover with Jim Richards-

12:45- GUEST: Toronto Star Columnist, Ellen Roseman in Studio on her new book “Fight Back- 81 ways to save money and protect yourself from corporate trickery

12:58- Mike’s Horse is missing and he knows where it is (A CALL TO BURGER KING)

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  1. mikey Another White Canadian Coward On Candian Radio posted on 02/22/2013 12:45 PM
    Hi Mikey

    What's the matter not bashing Italians today? I'm sure you'll get to it. That's White Canadian Coward on Canadian radio does. He attacks soft targets-Italians, and bends over for all non-Europeans.

    Here's a little Canadian biggotry history lesson Mikey.

    Minister of Interior,Siftoncalled Southern Italians the Negreos of Europe. Now that your fellow Canadian bigot called Italians Negroes I'm certain you will re-think your attacks on Italians. Now that you are aware they are considered Negros in the eyes of Canadian parliament, you will do what every White Canadian Boy on Radio does--kiss their Negro feet.
  2. carol posted on 04/09/2013 12:41 PM
    On the subject of older people and sex. Well my husband is 12 years younger than me. We married 2 years ago and he is in his 50's and I in my 60's. I didn't marry him for what he has because I am very independant and have my own home, etc. I love sex and so does he. I have been told I look much younger. I guess it's because I don't want to grow old too fast and I keep in shape. Anyway, sex is good for the health as much as pleasure. People that let themself go are hard to look at. I listen to you, Mike everyday at work. I only work part time now as I will retire this year and continue to work part time. I am one of these ladies who has a lot of ambition.
  3. Raman Ali posted on 04/09/2013 01:39 PM
    Mike Bullard,

    You are one of reasons Muslims Hate Canadians. Your constant that pornography is ok and as long as woman are doing what they want it is ok. Well I tell you those woman have fathers and mothers and families can get ruined.

    Stop making this problem worse
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