Jays fans get a sugar daddy

Posted By: John Downs · 11/15/2012 5:31:00 PM

Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack -and a kick-ass roster.
Yes, Rogers has finally done it. It's loosened the purse strings. Strike that. It's slashed the underside of the purse with a machete. And that's one sharp implement with a strong likelihood of gashing anyone that gets in its path.
While the company - which owns both the Jays and the broadcaster Sportsnet - has moved to stop the Bluebirds bleeding, it'll no doubt have to find a vein elsewhere on the corporate body to fund the transfusion.
You can bet Rogers investor relations won't be sending a note out to shareholders asking them to bear with the company as they forego future returns for a while so newly acquired Josh Johnson can have his private jet detailed.
So where will the money come from?
You got a cellphone plan? A PVR? A subscription to Maclean's?
It would be a bold move to hike ticket prices before the team has even a single victory in the win column.
There's always beer prices. After all, a $10 can of Keith's has been a bargain for far too long now.
But, have you noticed there's been little talk about the stigma associated with simply buying ourselves a World Series contending team?
It's the same stigma that leads so many of us to despise the New York Yankees (the Montreal Canadiens of baseball ... with a trust fund).
Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to watching this new and improved team in action.
But I'm acutely aware that expectations are higher than the last row of seats in the 500s. At least those came for cheap.

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