When it comes to getting to Pearson, the TTC remains the better way

Posted By: John Downs · 12/10/2014 11:50:00 AM

If you were under the illusion the Union Pearson Express was meant for the people of Toronto, welcome to reality. Metrolinx has announced a fare of $27.50. For holders of Presto cards it will be a more palatable $19. But even with that discount it's now clear who Metrolinx had in mind when they announced plans to finally build a rail link to the airport: rich people and tourists looking for convenience. I would include business folk with expense accounts – but let's just lump them in with the rich people. 

Even tourists doing some simple math will realize that two people sharing a cab is the better deal and most likely quicker than using the UP Express. And a cab will drop travellers at the front door of their hotel, while the train will only get them as far as Union Station. 

For the rest of us mere plebes ...