Torontonians are getting a raw deal on Union Pearson Express

Posted By: John Downs · 8/20/2014 4:29:00 PM

The airport link is an express service. So comparisons cannot be made to rail links in Vancouver, Newark and Chicago. Yes, it is far less expensive to travel those routes compared with the expected $22-$32 fare for UPE. But Newark’s line is part of a regional rail network. Vancouver’s is municipal light rail. And Chicago’s connections are also via municipal rail. They're all just stops along the line.

Union-Pearson is something more akin to Heathrow Express. That line runs from Paddington Station to two stops at the airport southwest of London. The least expensive fare for that shuttle runs the equivalent of about $38 Canadian.

Using that figure, our new rail line may sound like a bargain. But it's not.

The simple argument for why UPE needs to be more affordable lies with who paid for it. We did. Heathrow Express ended up being financed by British Rail, which is ...