Fur isn't always murder. But in this case it is.

Posted By: John Downs · 10/1/2014 3:59:00 PM

Bless Little Stevie and his minions across the country who must have let out a collective "Hurrah" as the government announced it would reverse a decision by the RCMP to do away with its winter fur-lined muskrat hats in favour of a cruelty-free and even more Canadian option: the tuque. 

The Fur Institute of Canada (yes, we have one of those) is applauding the move, pointing out that the muskrat hat is "iconic" and that fur trading is a part of our nation's heritage. Well, so was smallpox and exploding Chinese rail labourers, but you don't see too many immigrants from Nanjing these days eagerly running to go set the charge. 

Forget PETA and its racy campaigns featuring hot scantily clad women drenched in fake blood. Stephen Harper's reversal of the RCMP’s progressive decision is not consistent with the values of most Canadians – or even the fiscal values of his own party. Not many Canadians would be quick to ...