John spotted mounted police officers pulling over someone at Queen & Church (PHOTO)

Posted By: John Downs · 1/9/2014 7:34:00 PM

Check out this photo that John Downs took!

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  1. Jeremy posted on 01/09/2014 09:00 PM
    Can't see the photo, nothing posted.
  2. Chris posted on 01/09/2014 09:01 PM
    Just a quick comment gentlemen...
    A police horse is a highly trained working animal ..
    It needs to be exercised and trained everyday ..
    It needs to see and be exposed to traffic , people, loud noises in order that it remain effective!
    To simply keep the horses in their stalls and bring them out for any crowd situation that may pop up Is unfair to the animal and will result in horses that are not "on their game" and not effective in controlling, or moving a crowd..
    As a mounted sgt.. I am pleased to know that two of my officers, decided to initiate a traffic stop and investigate the motorist..
    Mounted officers, rely on their horses and do put the time into training them which includes traffic enforcement ..
    Mounted officers also patrol residential areas and participate in projects city wide ..
    The horses are also an incredible public relations tool.
    They have been incredibly effective in reaching out to young people, people who love on the street.
    The horse gives people the reason to have general conversation with the officer where the person may ask some questions about te horse and interact with it a well ..
    This interaction is positive and allows te officer and person communicate on a level that just doesn't happen with officers in cruisers!
    The horses also search for missing people ( elderly, Alzheimer's) in wooded areas which are not accessible otherwise.
    And gents... Just a last note ...
    From a horse, the vantage point into a vehicle ...
    It's fantastic !
    I can clearly see the person not wearing his seatbelt or texting !!
    Horses have been used for a long time ..
    Very true...
    But to date, there hasn't been a replacement for them found !
    Just my two cents !!
    And for the record ...
    I invite both of you to attend te mounted unit..
    I will personally conduct the tour and introduce you to 26 incredible animals that have never ceased to impress me !
    Regards !
    Chris Heard
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