Are parents stupid on sex?

Posted By: Jerry Agar · 10/22/2012 11:56:00 PM

Sex ed is back on the table, demonstrating that the education system is too big.

Would you want one government store deciding what kind of shoes should be available in Canada?

How about a one-size-fits-all government ministry for books?

Let’s make it illegal for anyone to offer any book that has not been approved — or published — by the government. Wouldn’t we get literature that is better for us and at a cheaper price than the greedy, for-profit publishers are giving us now?

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  1. Rachelle Payette posted on 10/23/2012 01:03 PM
    Warn u now my grammar is terrible.
    Here we go.
    Of course someone from your age caliber would think that sex ed is not necessary.... No one thinks you are stupid but you send your kids to school to learn how to count to 10 and im sure you know how to do this why did you send them to JK ??

    Sex is something that is a apart of human nature, that a lot of people dont take precaution in... I agree that the books should be approved by our government but comparing sex to shoe shopping and saying it is something as easy as reading about Adam and Eve you are wrong. There are complications far worst and harder to understand then just sex... what about STds, false love, being used for sex, being a sexual object, prostitution, teen pregnancy, how hormones control everything, why r u going through puberty? Did you know there was 40 types of HPV virus.... i bet you didn't .

    I know you can just find these things online but I'd rather an educator explaining this to me, then my mom and dad. The last thing I ever wanted was to listen to them talk about sex.
    I'm 24 years old and I believe our world is really misinformed about what our bodies can do... so they showed a couple of graphs pointing to a set of boobs. They never explained that if I eat to many foods with hormones it could create cancer cells in my breast... these all different types of precautions that we should be taking early b4 something slips or a teen gets pregnant. Lets break the curiosity and just lay it down on the table. Especially since we ALL DO "IT" we should not shame it from our schools but emphasize on what should be done.

    I wish that everything wasn't such a surprise to me when I got older, especially as a female to be sexually harassed by men on a regular basses ( I dont dress inappropriate) is annoying bc these men were not educated that girls aren't just objects.
    Having to read an article like this made me feel like I took a time machine back to the 50's in a catholic church.
    Would you want Hoooney BooBoo w.e.... mom teach her about sex ?? Look them up if u havent heard of her... I'm sure her mother is a 32 year old Grandmother....
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