Legalizing brothels a bad idea

Posted By: Jerry Agar · 10/29/2012 9:30:00 PM

If you were hoping to legally rent a woman’s body to manipulate for your own enjoyment at a brothel in Toronto, you might want to take a cold shower.

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  1. julie posted on 10/30/2012 02:07 PM
    The Supreme Court has agreed to hear both the government’s appeal AND a cross-appeal from the sex workers.
    Going by your opposition to these extensive attempts at controlling legal behaviors like smoking I wonder why you cannot be consistent and apply that logic to the LEGAL activity of providing sex for money.
    You site Melissa Farley. She makes a living off of being a prostitution prohibitionist. She is under investigation by the scientific community for unsound practices and she was disregarded by the Ontario court because of her bias.
    No sex workers in Canada want to repeat the mistakes made abroad by having red light districts. We are already everywhere, indoor and invisible, operating without anyone noticing. The market is saturated and competitive and we don’t require sex slaves to fill in the ranks. We fully oppose coercion. Such activity, which is quite rare, would be more easily reported if the profession was decriminalized more fully.
    Sex work is about consenting adults. It is not about drugs or slaves – these are diversions used by those who are morally opposed to prostitution to divert from their own weak arguments. They also claim that bodies are purchased. This is another deception. Services are purchased and one may be using their own body as part of the delivery of that service as is done in many other professions. Quit spinning it Jerry!
    And the word *brothel* is never mentioned in any of these legal decisions. The bawdy house provision prohibits us from using any indoor space with any regularity or along with our peers. Such spaces make the job safer and every judge who has heard this has agreed to strike down this ridiculous provision.
    You Jerry choose to only speak to prohibitionists so you never have the facts quite right. Talk to sex workers!
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