Arrest Johns, not prostitutes

Posted By: Jerry Agar · 2/11/2014 12:06:00 PM

Andrea Swanson is the only person on the plane to Las Vegas not partying. The party started as soon as the plane lifted off; people drinking and loosening up for the good times.

She looks down the aisle and wonders which of the men she sees, off to where what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, might be the one that will “buy” her daughter in “Sin City.”

Swanson’s daughter was lured into prostitution by a man who appeared to be a caring boyfriend; a man who in reality preys on young women. Swanson knows they are in Las Vegas, and she is travelling there to try to find her daughter and bring her home.

Her pain reaches out from the screen as she tells her story in the documentary film Red Light/Green Light by Canadian filmmakers Michelle and Jared Brock and Dave McSporran.

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  1. StephenS_5505 posted on 02/11/2014 12:16 PM
    How in world are u going to enforce this law. He will end up being a he said/she said arguement. Then theu'll be a challenge under the Charter that the 'law' is not being applied equally ie: how can I be charged with a crime when my partner recieves and keeps the proceeds of that crime and is not charged or if I'm guilty of committing a crime then my partner is guilty od soliciting a crime.

    Its just fraut with legal challenges.
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