Orillia man fined for snow

Posted By: The Jerry Agar Show · 1/30/2014 9:34:00 AM

Clearing snow from driveways and sidewalks is practically a full-time job for  some people these days.   But it's a job that cost one man in Orillia more than $200

Wayne Miller, 66, says he feels like he's been shovelling snow every day  this season.

Earlier this month, Miller was fined by the city because some of the snow he  cleared away fell onto the sidewalk in front of his home.

A snowbank that sits in front of Miller’s home was, at one point, as high as  this snowbank to the side of his house. Miller says for whatever reason the snow  came tumbling back down onto the sidewalk, making it impassable for people to  traverse. That's when a city by-law officer came by and handed Miller a ticket  for $235.

“It did create a bit of an unsafe situation,” says Shawn Crawford with the  city.

Miller chose not to fight the ticket and paid the fine. But he doesn't know  what he will do when it snows again.

“I shovel the snow up there on the bank. The snow, it's got one of two ways  of going: onto the sidewalk or onto the road,” he says. “If it goes on to the  road you get charged. If it goes on the sidewalk you get charged.”

Most of the city is dealing with similar snowbanks. Some of them are so big  you can barely see what's under them. Businesses are also dealing with the extra  big banks tonight. And many people feel Miller should have been given a  break.

“It's not right,” says resident Blair Pearson. “We've had a record amount of  snow. Where are we going to put it?”

The city says home owners are not required to clear the snow off sidewalks.  But you are responsible if you move any of it from your property and it falls  onto city property. The city suggests people take the snow to the back yard or  have someone haul it away.

The city has since cleared the snowbank from in front of Miller's house.

“It's not just myself,” he says. “How many other people are going through the  same thing? This is not all about me. It's about other people.”

The city says it has received more than 160 complaints about messy snowbanks  spilling onto sidewalks this year. So far four tickets have been handed out.

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