Posted By: Jim Richards · 11/11/2012 9:13:00 PM
This From the Protesters sent to the station after asking for an interview....
I can't remember the last time I've seen this much persistence for a media interview. 
As much as I'd love to believe your conservative news program is fair and balanced, its reputation fails to meet those standards. Maybe with the exception of Jim Richards.
Here's all you need to know: I cannot and will not be silent in a ceremony used to glorify Canada's mission in Afghanistan, where many of my fellow Afghans were detained, tortured and killed because of the Canadian military. There is no honour in this. There is no respect in this. My freedom of speech was taken away as well. So much for "sacrifices".
As an Afghan Canadian my anger can be justified. But I faced enough verbal abuse by racist, angry old white people telling me to go back to my country, and that the Canadian military should kill more Afghans. So much for celebrating "peace".
I have no interest in being setup to allow more of this blatant racism.
I'll tell you the same thing I told the police. I'm an Afghan woman remembering my people who were killed by Canada's military. Look me in the eyes and tell me I'm wrong.

Good luck with your program.
I was at Old City Hall, where this all took place.

This ceremony is usually ended with an encouragement to go live the peace these men

and women have won for you. There is absolutely no truth in the way they've (above) selectively

assembled facts to fit their value of November the eleventh. Even if there was, what must be

remembered is that this Remembranceis about people in those uniforms Not about Military or



If anything needs to pointed out on Remembrance Day it is that this Conservative Government

has continually screwed over our Vets. Whether it is failing newer Afghan vets over benefits or kicking

vets living in poverty while they are down by not paying for their funeral. This Government has

it covered.


Conservatives love the Military when they're in uniform but NOT when they're out. They kick em at

every opportunity.


That is what was worthy of Protest on November 11th


While I am at it....


Shame on The Department of VeteranAffairs for this brutal behaviour. Shame on them for going

around for photo ops bragging about fixing up cenotaphs. They are supposed to be kept up and

no politician should expect praise for doing what we are supposed to do.


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  1. Sergei posted on 11/12/2012 12:15 AM
    Dear "protester",

    I will start off by saying that I am far from racist, I have friends of all races and religions. What I am is proud to be Canadian.
    My family came here during WW2 from Eastern Europe. They came here because it was a safe place, a place of opportunity, a place to raise their families and they were damn grateful to be here.

    If Canada is such an evil place in your eyes, and the military are nothing but murderers, why are you here?

    Let me ask you this, if you were to publicly protest at an important ceremony in Afghanistan, what would happen to you? I don't know the cultures and rules... perhaps not too long ago a stoning would have taken place?

    You interrupted a ceremony honoring the men and women who gave their lives to protect this country from the evils of this world. Without those people who gave the ultimate sacrifice, you probably wouldn't be here.

    Shame on you.

    You want to protest? By all means, you have the right to do so...
    That said, have a little bit of humility, and pick the right time and place.

    Be thankful you're in Canada, or your actions would have surely ended not so nicely for you.

    1. sakura posted on 11/14/2012 02:53 PM
      @Sergei Just a reminder that they didn't actually interrupt any ceremony, they silently held a banner in acknowledgement of the afghans who had died in war and actually had war vets join them. No one knows the horror of war more than vets, and I think it is beautiful that they had the strength to honour afghans killed in war and give an outlet for those troops who supported them to join them in their stand. remembrance days is about peace, not war. lest we forget, never again. http://rabble.ca/news/2012/11/real-story-behind-remembrance-day-protest#.UKPHsdcQq5w.facebook
  2. CanadianGirl posted on 11/12/2012 03:15 PM
    I consider myself completely unracist. Heck I'm as white as you can get and married a wonderful Indian man who treated me like gold (he has since passed). I call people on it when they say things that sound racist.

    That being said, I am so sick and tired of people who come to this country and complain. Honest to God I wish you would leave. My family fought here in the War of 1812, we were hung in Toronto for fighting alongside William Lyon Mackenzie. Why should you be able to disturb my peace? Why should you be permitted to shout during a ceremony that is given to thank veterans for their sacrafices to make this country what it is today?. Who do you think you are?. What would happen if you...as a woman especially, tried that in Afganistan?

    Do you think any of us care what your reason was for disturbing the peace? We don't....we are too MAD at the fact that you picked the wrong time to voice your opinion!

    Leave, leave us in peace...you aren't wanted if that's the attitude you want to have.
    1. Sakura posted on 11/14/2012 03:04 PM
      @CanadianGirl The right wing media wrongfully reported that they interrupted the moment of silence, which they did not. They silently held a banner commemorating Afghans who had died, and even had war vets join them in their silent acknowledgement. Asking people to leave who are Canadian citizens and effectively commenting that they do not have the right to protest or voice their opinion strips them of their rights, and treats them as second-class citizens, Their perspective is sorely needed in this country, and is one that promotes justice and peace. We need to cry together... not only about the abuses of war, but also the war waged on indigenous and rural communities around the world by Canadian Mining companies. We need the voices of our international community to understand what is happening outside of Canada and within Canada's oppressed communities. We should never silence and shame those voices... say that they should just be thankful and shut-up or leave. That is abusive behaviour that will only create more abuse.
  3. proton posted on 11/12/2012 04:11 PM
    Why are you here? Go home and celebrate the lack of freedom and all the women and children killed by factions that don't respect them. It is sad that innocents have been killed by Canadian and other forces however they didn't target them. It's a MAJOR distinction.
  4. Doug posted on 11/12/2012 05:47 PM
    Afghan-Canadian Protester: As a CANADIAN, you were given the right to voice your opinion by the very people you insulted this weekend. The other choice given to you is the freedom to choose where you live.

    Millions of people have come before you because Canadian veterans went to their country to free them - we welcome everybody!

    You brought negativity and shame to an event that remembers the men and women that willingly gave their time, their families and sometimes their lives to try to not only make Canadian life better and freer but also other countries.

    This has nothing to do with racism it has to do with ignorance and rudeness - no matter your nationality, religion or race.

    As a vet I was disgusted before knowing who you were!
  5. A.W posted on 11/13/2012 10:12 AM
    You poor girls,

    Your faces and your names have been littered all over the internet and we will forever remember you as those little girls with big, disrespectful voices and terrible timing.

    There is a time and a place to voice your opinion- and even during that time and at that place, I recommend you think before you speak.

    You have freedom here, in Canada. Freedom to say and write whatever you wish- but know that people will hold you accountable and you will be remembered for it.

    Sahar and Laila, shame on you.
    1. Sakura posted on 11/14/2012 03:11 PM
      @A.W they will be remembered like this by some because the mainstream media wrongfully reported that they disrupted the event and the moment of silence. Their act was brave and honourable. All they did was hold a banner in silence... and they were joined by war vets. Remembrance day is supposed to be about peace and an end to war. That is what these women are trying to do. I wish others on this thread can learn to embrace their action as did the many vets who wrote them in support of their action. You only interpret is as against you because the Canadian state as successfully brainwashed you to believe that your interests are aligned with its and its war.
  6. Melissa posted on 11/14/2012 04:00 PM
    As Afghan-Canadian protesters living in Canada you have the right to protest what ever you want. What I don't get is you seem to have this general assumption that the Canadian Military is over in Afghanistan slaughtering thousands of civilians. The men and women I know that have served tours in Afghanistan are not crazy gun toting killers and did not hunt down civilians. They were there to try to help rebuild your country, to provide water and other services. To help make sure it was safe for girls to go to school, and for the farmer to farm his fields.

    At one of the hotels I worked at I had the pleasure of working with a girl who had recently moved to Canada from Afghanistan. She barely spoke any English and was very shy. As her English improved she was able to tell us stories from her homeland, and they were not filled with sunshine, lollipops and rainbows. Her older sister had been murdered in front of her whole family. Her throat slashed by the Taliban, and left to bleed out in front of her family home. When my dishwasher heard my husband was overseas in Afghanistan fighting the Taliban she had a smile come to her face, and asked me to send a message to him. It simply said "Thank you for fighting for my sister".
  7. mike posted on 12/07/2012 08:29 PM
    I am so sick and tired of all these immigrants protesting what is going on in their home countries and disrupting our Canadian traditions...if you are so damned concerned about what is going on back 'home' then buy a 1 way ticket back 'home' and go do something about it instead of disrespecting our honore veterans...you are lucky i was not there as i'd of been in your PHONY face big time!!!!!!!!!! We DO NOT need your kind here....GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Alexander Knight posted on 12/13/2012 07:40 PM
    We send our troops overseas to fight and die so we can have freedom here in this country--which include freedom of speech--or does it?

    Media such as the Sun and CFRB wrongfully portrayed this story. Two women who initially held a banner silently on the side of the road were wrongfully accused of being Taliban Sympathizers, threatened with deportation, rape and death. The response by my fellow Canadians is nothing short of an absolute disgrace. Many of you have shown how truly ignorant you are.

    I condemn many of you in the lamestream media for disseminating disinformation and encouraging this hate filled, racist discourse. Hope it boosts your ratings.
  9. Canadian Citizen posted on 01/10/2013 05:13 PM
    To the protester,
    You appear and sound very doubtful about fitting into the Canadian mainstream.
    If you are unhappy about Canadianism, do us all a favour and go back to your homeland, where you can really be unhappy.
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