Mayor Frod revealed!

Posted By: Jim Richards · 11/12/2013 4:06:00 PM

Ever wondered who is behind the popular account?I spoke with the man behind it earlier today. Not only did he reveal his identity but he's got something pretty big in common with the real mayor of Toronto.

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  1. Rhea duguay posted on 01/03/2014 07:05 PM
    Dear Jim watched your YouTube video what u say not true u don't know the half of it he lied so much we can talk off radio if u like let me know and all give u my number thanks
  2. Alec Bachlow posted on 01/31/2014 08:42 PM
    Jim.... I heard you talking about the street and jail tern "Goof" _ this insult has been modernized. Goof does not mean pedophile. On the street in the old days "Goof" meant a dishonorable person that could not be trusted. It was a term affixed to the disloyal and the very foolish. "Diddler" is the proper term for a child molester. What took place over the years was that Diddlers had to find some one lower on the scale then themselves. What they did was reinstate the term Diddler with the tern Goof,

    It is a misconception .....on the streets these days ,,,,, a Goof is a Goof..... a child molester is another matter.
  3. Linda posted on 03/11/2014 03:42 PM
    I really wish people would get their facts straight before they start knocking down GM workers! They do not demand anything! My husband hasn't had a raise in 6 years, he works on the line, and has had many benefits removed from there contract!
    GM builds a amazing product, and wins many awards!
    I wish people could see the ripple affect if our long standing North American Car industry fails! You, the person buying the "Korean Car", may not have a job, as many jobs will be lost...for every 0ne job lost at GM, 8 other jobs will be lost!
    Why not support our industry, and not the foreigners! They surely arn't going to support us!
  4. VirginiaD posted on 03/18/2014 02:10 PM
    You cut your guest off today - the guy talking bout circumstance of boys that Bill Gates is helping fund. A jewish caller said they (Jews) have been doing circumstance to boys since the start of time (as if that makes it ok)), and then your guest tried to give an analogy - muslim girls have also been.........and you cut him off. Why? This is freedom of the press, Is it because ti was getting too "political". I cannot believe 1010 did that. But what he said was true - its done to girls and people are up in arms and then yet with boys its ok - all because he mentioned Muslim and you did not even thank him and just cut him off. I wonder if my comment will even get posted.

    Is it any wonder no one believes traditional media anymore - yet traditional media also pokes fun at information on-line and the conspiracy theories. I'd rather believe those.
  5. Doug posted on 04/07/2014 02:23 PM
    This is Canada. Do you think the USA would allow this. If you do not want to be Canadian then DO NOT BECOME CANADIAN
  6. Julia Dommanget posted on 04/08/2014 04:11 PM
    One of your callers at the end of your program was right today. By default, tax dollars get forwarded to the public school system first. If you want them directed to the Catholic school system, you must fill out paperwork allowing this to happen. So, if you are a taxpayer, who happens to be Catholic, but you don't have any children in the school system, your dollars will automatically go towards funding public schools, unless of course you fill out the necessary paperwork. Many people don't think to do this. It's often only when they register their kids for JK that they realize this needs to/can be done. So, by default, more dollars get directed to public schools
  7. Pamela Pullenayegem posted on 04/28/2014 04:17 PM
    Hi Jim - I was listening to you this afternoon talking to Kim Fletcher's husband. While I was very sorry to hear that she passed away and it was a sad story, I think its unfair to make the Health Minister out to be such a monster and uncaring. If she said yes to Kim how could she possibly turn all the thousands of people who would have come forward for help as well. Where would you draw the line?. I am sure she would loved to have said yes but in her position it would be difficult for her to do so. She probably had to steel herself to say no. I think they have to find a solution to help everyone and I am sure this is not going to be easy to do so. I quite agree with you about the two guys who sexually abused that little 4 year old. No punishment is great enough for them. While I do not always agree with you, your show is very entertaining. Who cuts your hair by the way or do they?!!!
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  9. janet posted on 07/09/2014 08:26 PM
    Hi Jim,
    I was listening to your show today and couldn't call in as I was driving down from a provincial park. The topic was the woman with the disabled boy who wasn't able to find a proper placement for him. I also have a disabled 18 yr old daughter and have been fighting the system for many years. There is a man named Dr. Norman Forman, based in Toronto who is a psychologist and will fight the system for you! He has also written a book on getting your special needs child the education he deserves in Ontario, it's excellent. We had a big problem one year, called him up, got some advice, and all we actually had to do was tell the principle that he was coming to the meeting with us and the principle caved in to our request! Please pass his name on to your guest, I hope it will help her!
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  11. johnnyj posted on 07/28/2014 05:49 AM
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  13. Tell the truth Jim posted on 12/05/2014 07:02 PM
    Hi Jim,
    I listen to your radio-hour whenever I can, but today you where out of order when you were criticising police commissioner for telling the truth. I am quite aware that the air media and print is totally and completely under control from higher places as to what you can and cannot say etc, otherwise you may lose your job for just wrong wording. Anyways, I would like you to read few lines in these links and try to get the truth about the police in USA, and other things that you will never find it outside in the regular press. So, I am saying thanks god for the Internet and all those blogs etc, otherwise I/we would be kept in a dark for good.
    http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2014/09/01/goon-thugs-gullible-conservatives-paul-craig-roberts/#.VAUa3SSVvqU.twitter police violence in America is totally out of control
  14. d.low posted on 01/08/2015 02:13 PM
    if there is more than one driver in the car switch drivers every one hour . Everyone gets a rest in between drive task
  15. D. LOW posted on 01/28/2015 01:24 PM
    Jim Richards- some cultures give out slippers when guests come for a visit.
    Sometimes the is lead, or whatever is on soles of shoes.
  16. john posted on 02/11/2015 09:45 AM
    Hi Jim,
    I listened to your show with interest regarding hunting. Would you ever consider having a factual discussion on air with someone who can actually articulate the full benefits of hunting in Africa? I feel terrible for the animals over there because of the ignorance of people who cling to emotional responses to an issue they don't understand. Like it or not, this world runs on commerce. The only way to protect a species is to ensure it is valued by the local population. Do you see where this is going???? I would be happy to discuss it with you. Would you be open minded enough to learn more???? After a discussion with me, I guarantee you will feel significantly different about the issue. I have been to Namibia multiple times and have close friends who run a photographic and hunting operation !!! As a good host, would you like some more facts? Please let me know. Thanks Jim.
  17. john posted on 02/11/2015 05:58 PM
    OK, in case I don't here from you on hunting. Here are the facts for all to see. African countries that support hunting have GROWING animal populations. Countries that do not support it rely on the government to protect a resource that brings them little or no economic value- guess what- no funding or not enough to make a difference. Guess what- declining animals due to poaching. The population is starving with no economic solutions ( jobs ) so they shoot and snare animals to sell and to eat. The herds get decimated. The farmers shoot them because they eat their valuable crops. the ranchers shoot them because they kill their slow and tasty cattle. In countries like Namibia, safari companies come in to an area and take over ranches and farms. They abandon crops and cattle and allow nature to take over again. They introduce more species from area's that have too many of a certain animal and they protect them. They reintroduce species like the Roan and Black faced Impala back to their native habitats. The herds are managed to balance via selected harvest ( hunting ). You pay dearly to hunt the oldest bulls that are near the end of their life cycle and the funds create jobs. Local tribes people become, cooks, waiters, trackers, maids, butchers, admin staff, poaching patrols, tourism guides etc....... They now value and protect the animals that create their prosperity. Poaching is reduced because the safari company and staff are actively patrolling and protecting their resource, hard work and investment. The animals have a home. They repopulate vast area's where they were absent 50 years ago. The meat is healthy ( much healthier than here ) and even the organs are eaten unlike Canada. The villagers get jobs, meat and can afford education, food and homes. Its a huge success story in conservation where everybody wins. AND, hunting makes it all possible. ( In case your wondering, an average plains game safari will generate about $10,000 to 20,000 USD. Most of that is spent in Africa- A huge amount of money for them. The average photo safari is too short and photographers pay pennies compared to hunters. Its simply not enough to maintain vehicles and staff alone. So please, no more emotional, uneducated dialog. the animals cant afford the ignorance that many of us display. Whether you like it or not, it works, and the animals win and spend their lives roaming free and pro creating larger and larger herds. Thank you hunters !!!!!! My kids will live to see Lions, white and Black Rhino's and Elephants in countries with sustainable hunting !!!! So to the uninformed Politician's- do your homework. You sound ridiculous to those of us who have actually lived with the African people and understand their culture and issues. Give them some credit that they actually know more than you, because they do !!!!!
  18. Bryan webster posted on 03/02/2015 04:30 PM
    You been duped. Allowing Ralph Nader to do basically an endorsement for the Libral government was not the smartest thing you have ever done. He kept saying "We". who is we? I would mot be surprised if he was getting a consultant fee for this from the Libreals. How many votes did he get when he ran for President? Who cares what an American thinks about how we run our country. As far as I am concerned, they need to get there own house in order. Stay out if our politics. Mind your own friggin business!
  19. Joe Smith posted on 03/26/2015 07:34 PM
    I just found your show on the dial .
    Keep in mind a lot of people get their news from non mainstream media nowadays .
    You tend to yell down or cut people off who don't agree with your positioning on certain subjects .
    I would suggest you skip the bar after work and start reading a bit more about what really is going on in the world .
    For instance JIm . Research the political affiliations of the people who our prime minister backed and backs in the Ukrainian government .
    Your listeners expect you to take part in the discussion . Keep these people on the line instead of hanging up on them . You might learn something useful .
    Times have changed Jim . Get educated . And quit hanging up and disrespecting your LISTENERS because your boss doesn t want you to go there .
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