Justin, Robin and the best advent calendar ever

Posted By: John Moore · 11/14/2012 10:31:00 AM

Justin Trudeau was in studio this morning for a one on one. You can watch the video here. I keep hearing from people who hate the very idea of Justin. A woman e-mailed me this morning after reading a headline in the National Post about the Trudeau campaign trying to learn from the Obama campaign. She clearly hadn't read the attached article because it was all about how Trudeau wants to bring young people into the process and use the Internet and social media to make politics relevant to a whole new audience. As a Trudeau hater, she figured Trudeau wanted to crib gutter politics from the American play book. How much do you have to hate a person to think that positive articles about them merely reinforce what you already thought? 

A listener asked for my personal impression of Justin, remembering that I found Michael Ignatieff to be impenetrable (at first. I later found him to be the wrong guy but an intensely dedicated and intelligent man). Justin is charismatic and good looking. He succeeds largely because people underestimate him. As Ben Mulroney has pointed out, you get in the door because of your name, you survive because of who you really are. I can't tell you Justin is a great future Prime Minister in waiting but I can tell you he's a lot more impressive than his detractors would have you believe. And remember: up until 10:45PM on November 6th Republicans were so busy spinning Barack Obama as a naive one term failure they didn't see his decisive victory barrelling toward them. 

It really was a thrill Tuesday night to be able to introduce David Steinberg and Robin Williams on stage at the Sony Center. The two of them traded stories from The Tonite show and their lives in comedy. Williams is a kinetic presence on stage who morphs from one spot-on impersonation (Jack Nicholson, Jonathan Winters and Robert Diniro) and accent to another and it's only when you walk him through his movie career that you appreciate how many classics he has starred in. And he talked about some of the flops as well including Popeye where a storm swept through the location set and the studio pulled the plug on money and everyone knew they were half way through a future bomb. Backstage the two of them were gracious and genuine and while I don't usually ask celebrities for pictures unless they've come to my studio, Robin was very generous to pose for a pic. 

Last thing: I promised to tell you about the best advent calendar ever. It's the Whisky calendar. Instead of chocolate behind each door in the month of December there's a shooter filled with scotch. The best of them is a 50 year old whisky that sells for $560 a bottle. They don't tell you what day it turns up on but surely it's the 25th. What better way to celebrate Jesus' birthday?

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  1. Craig Milton posted on 11/15/2012 05:21 PM
    A shot with Robin Williams... You Sir, win.
  2. Birgit posted on 11/16/2012 02:00 AM
    Yet, when I email Justin, it is like yelling into a deep well: not even an echo.

    Elections are about people, Justin, and you win them one vote at a time. You may have a very slick branding campaign which wants to portray you as a man of the people. I have up until this point seen nothing but hypocrisy on that front. You are a member of Canada’s Elite, there is no way that can be denied. However, the nobility of a man is measured by how he treats the least in society, not by exercising “Noblesse Oblige”

    So I will ask you again, what is your position on the Third Industrial Revolution as described by Jeremy Rifkin. The European Parliament has already endorsed its 5 pillars, and Germany has already started to implement them.
    Secondly, what is your stance on supporting new manufacturing technology, in which Canada could become a leader if it jumps in quickly, such as 3D PRINTING MANUFACTURING.

    These are issues which could have a very positive impact on Canada’s future, or, if we are left behind, our standard of living will surely slide downwards quickly. Yet, all I have heard from Mr. Justin Trudeau, whose father Pierre, was a very forward thinking and direct man, is empty political platitudes. Do you want to distance yourself so much from your father that you are prepared to disrespect him by sacrificing the legacy of his direct, intellectual and honest approach to issues, to become another vapid, empty politician whose only interest is in gaining political power? Because that’s what you look like right now.

    I was hoping to get a little more substance from you on the John Moore show, but I was sorely disappointed.

    Your visit to the Sanatan Mandir in Markham was a cynical photo-op to try and win the ethnic vote. As a Hindu, I was insulted by the generic comment on your website. Obviously, you have no understanding of the significance of Diwali as an intensely joyous celebration of the triumph of good over evil and of light over darkness.

    Yet you stand in front of the altar with false piety and woodenly waive your arati flame in front of depictions of God that are totally anathema to you as a Catholic. Have some integrity, Man! Go to the Mandir, enjoy the service, the pageantry, the singing and the food, BUT DO NOT PRETEND TO WORSHIP GOD IN A FORM WHICH YOUR RELIGION FORBIDS. We Hindus take our religion and our worship rituals very seriously. We are not some kind of quaint folkloric organization running pageants like some Renaissance Faire. So don’t make a mockery of our religion and yours by disrespecting both.

    I was very hopeful when I watched your declaration speech. But since then, I have been nothing but disappointed in the lack of substance on any issues. Perhaps, you will just espouse those positions which are popular in the polls of the time.

    You Mr. Justin Trudeau, seem to be a paper tiger, a talking head. I am sure your father must be very disappointed in you. He would rathe haver lost an election than compromise his integrity and what he believes.

    1. Pamela posted on 11/16/2012 10:12 PM
      @Birgit Oh my Birgit!

      Get over yourself. Poor wee Justin is just getting his feet wet and will no doubt get bruised quite nicely with or without your judgemental arrogance. Give him and obviously the rest of the world a break!
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