So how do you like your zero tolerance now?

Posted By: John Moore · 11/27/2012 5:09:00 PM

What a week (and it's only Tuesday). Today Rob Ford said he was sorry about the whole mess that cost him his job but he was only doing it for the kids. That's a nice sentiment but what Ford was doing was using his office to massage people who do business with the city for favors. And when it was pointed out that he was in violation he resisted one opportunity after another to remedy the problem. As the judge said: this is entirely Rob Ford's doing. He was stubborn and entitled. He thought he was special. All the things he usually rails against. 

A lot of people assume I must be happy with this whole mess. I am not. I don't think Rob Ford has been a very good mayor but I think this has been an abuse of process and to be honest, I figured Ford could fall on his own face over four years rather than being chased from office by weaselly lawyer's tactics. You can read more in my column for The National Post

But one last note: let this be a warning to the law and order crowd. They insist that judges make up the law as they go along so they like to compel judges to hand out blunt sentences. And this time a guy conservatives love ended up being fired because a judge did exactly what he was told to do. Now do we get why zero tolerance is for fools?

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