Unions are bad. I brought a clip

Posted By: John Moore · 12/12/2012 10:35:00 AM

What a surprise. Jerry Agar found video of a guy at a union rally in Michigan behaving like a thug. Therefore all unions and union members are violent extremists. Case closed. 

It's always a lousy argument to isolate someone behaving badly and then try to pretend it reflects on a whole group. Unless of course a few too many in that group actually identify with that bad behavior.

Jerry asked me for evidence that Tea Partiers have been prone to violence. You can find it here (where a guy rams a car because it has an Obama bumper sticker)  here ( a still image of a sign warning that a handgun can settle Obamacare) and here (a compilation of various whack jobs threatening armed violence and getting into spittle throwing confrontations). I could go on posting pictures of the Phelps family suggesting that all Christians are intolerant or pictures of right wingers calling Barack Obama a "ni**er" but I think you get the point; it's a childish exercise (known technically in debating jargon as "fallacious extension" which admittedly makes the eight year old in me giggle).

Pick a fight with unions all you want but at least do it with an argument rather than a flimsily supported assertion. 

So instead I recommend this video of a kid and his dog. If more people in the world could find pleasure and friendship this easily in life we'd all be happier. 

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