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Posted By: John Moore · 12/20/2012 11:13:00 AM

This story in today's Star about how bed bugs may be sneaking into Toronto libraries in books was a little creepy but also made me laugh. The offending book is Watching the Dark by Peter Robinson who I have known for quite a few years now thanks to my old TV show Mystery Ink. I sent him a link to the story and he wrote back "It's a very good argument for BUYING books".

The story gave me a chance to mention Peter on the air again. He has written more than twenty Inspector Banks novels and the most recent is particularly good. I figured since it's Christmas and you might be buying books to give or looking for a good read on a few days off, I could pass on a few recommendations.

I'm a big fan of Dennis Lehane. One of his Genaro-Kenzie mysteries was turned into the movie Gone Baby Gone. It's a good series, worth reading from the very start. He also wrote a one off book that I loved called The Given Day about the union movement and police riots in Boston in 1919. Its depiction of how far the privileged will go to ensure their entitlement is particularly relevant today. And not to go too heavy on mysteries but I think Michael Connelly is the best there is. He came out with The Black Box a few months ago.

One of my favorite reads of the year is a book Stephen King endorsed by another guy I know, Linwood Barclay. Trust Your Eyes is a riveting thriller and has already been optioned for a movie. Speaking of King, His 22/11/63 is a fantastic piece of business about a guy who goes back in time to stop the Kennedy Assassination. King puts a twist on time travel that will bend your mind. 

Other good reads for me this year: Maus which should be required reading in high schools, Last Call a history of prohibition and The Sisters Brothers which is an odd book but one you'll be happy to have read (warning: it's extremely violent). 

I'll be off after Friday hoping to get to the bottom of a stack of books on my bedside table. I'll let you know how it goes. 

In the meantime: Merry Christmas and thanks for stopping by every morning on NewsTalk 1010. 

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