A great story about The Good Sheppard

Posted By: John Moore · 1/4/2013 10:59:00 AM

For Christmas I blogged about spending just one afternoon working the lunch couter at The Good Sheppard. That prompted a listener named Shawn to write in with his story:


"In 1999 I left my life of misfortune and heavy drinking behind in Ottawa. I came to Toronto and landed a job but I had to wait two and a half weeks for my first pay. I did not have enough money to pay for a place to sleep or to transport myself to work until payday. I ended up finding Good Shepherd. I checked in and the staff bent over backwards when they found out I was working. They gently woke me up every morning at 4 am and gave me a bag lunch and secured my bed for the next night. They advanced me TTC tokens. I only planned on staying till I got my first pay then go back to a rooming house. However, the staff coaxed me to stay a few more weeks save some money. By the time I left I had enough for first and last month rent on a bachelor apartment and 2000$ in the bank. I never looked back. They saved my life....I remember the showers worked pretty good and being very grateful to have clean sheets everyday."

Not everyone is going to be able to climb out of poverty and addiction but Shawn's story is a great example of how sometimes shelters and soup kitchens are a cushion in bad times and a bridge to a new life. 

You can make a difference by donating to some of our city's shelters including The Good Sheppard, Covenant House and The Yonge Street Mission. 

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