There is no one reason for black on black violence

Posted By: John Moore · 2/21/2013 11:40:00 AM

We've spent a lot of time this week debating the senseless killings of four young Toronto boys, all black and all seemingly innocent. I have a bit of a hard time with this issue because it seems like we just put the same record on every time there is a particularly outrageous example of what we know to be a chronic problem. And it seems everyone uses the issue to trot out their favorite hobby horse: young blacks get into trouble because they don't have fathers, they don't have faith, they don't have enough basketball courts. They have no mentors, Jamaicans have a cultural problem blah blah blah. 

There's truth to every one of these assertions which is why we need to answer every last one of them. You can't force a bunch of teenagers to go to church or legislate parenting. What we need is one person to pull it all together, a strong leader with a lot of lattitude to implement solutions we've been talking about for twenty years. 

A visit from the chair of Caribana to the show this morning sparked a lot of reaction. Knia Singh talked about the toxic soup of racism that blacks face from a young age. He says he had the resilience to confront it and shake it off because his parents proofed him against it at a young age. A listener wrote in with his own account of how his family buttressed him against ignorance and discrimination: "I can tell you this first hand.  If it was not for my FAMILY'S (mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, uncle etc...)  VERY STRONG sense of self, all 5 children would have failed in this country.  We fought back BLANTANT racial attitudes with information".

There are no quick fixes for what ails this city's black population. But it's worth bearing in mind that poverty, crappy neighbourhoods and lesser schools are part of the problem. What they say about young black men today is what they once said about Irish Catholics in this town. 

But I think young guys like Knia Singh are definitely part of the answer. 

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  1. B97J posted on 02/21/2013 09:14 PM
    The piecemeal approach isn't working. How about mandatory 70-hour-a-week apprenticeships, starting from middle school. Shop class on steroids for at-risk kids who sign up. A mix of books, hands-on skills, athletics and paid jobs that *completely* fills a day. We can solve labour shortages in some high-demand trades, and keep the "idle hands" busy and out of trouble.

    What parent would turn down this school if it was "year round", paid better than McJobs, and left the student with useable skills (i.e. electrician, plumber, carpenter/craftsman) and lots of cash??? No free time to get shot. Too busy learnin' and earnin'.
  2. Elle posted on 02/22/2013 07:18 AM
    how about teaching young women from low income families with a legacy of low education that making babies is not a career choice? All this effort pumped into the young men what about the young women who are producing these babies? (an it is a low income white and black phenomena). You can earn between $400-$500 a year per child in federal and provincial tax credits until they are 18 years old. Multiply that by five kids. They do not have the ability to raise this many kids, they are forced to raise them in low income neighbourhoods, their children fill and overflow behaviour classes and special ed classes in our schools. Their kids are forced to raise each other if the Mother actually works and if she doesnt work an example is set that creates a vicious cycle of poverty, lack of education and a mindset which is rooted in dependency on the government for survival and then crime for all the things a single mother of five cannot provide to her family.
  3. SteveB_10 posted on 02/22/2013 09:35 AM
    Why was there no Irish on Irish violence, where is the Chinese on Chinese, Korean on Korean, violence. Black on Black violence seems to be a unique pathology. The biggest single cause may be single mothers, children having children. Perhaps forced contraception is the answer. Could this ever be politically correct? How is this for a solution. All males a puberty have enough sperm forzen to create six children, the number is not really important but six seem enough. Then they have a vasectomy. Problem solved.
    1. What???? posted on 02/22/2013 10:29 AM
      @SteveB_10 Yeah, because policing people's biological functions is really the solution. Eugenics, anyone?

      I can't stand it when people look at problems with people's bad (but not illegal) choices and cry that the answer is just to have the government parent them. Let's let people be free to make choices--good or bad-- please. This is part of the problem with a socialist nanny-state; we all have a financial interest in welfare recipients' choices. Get government out of this stuff.
    2. SteveB_10 posted on 02/22/2013 10:51 AM
      @SteveB_10 I never suggested Eugenics just a smarter approach to parenthood. If it was as simple for women I would suggest the same with eggs. This would greatly reduce the number of challenged children who are born from parents both past their best buy date.
  4. Mike posted on 02/22/2013 05:48 PM
    They are gangbangers...i say give them all guns and put them in a great big empty field in Northern Ontario and let them all kill each other off! Problem solved and for the females...mandatory birth control until ager 35!
    1. matt posted on 02/24/2013 04:58 PM
      @Mike you dont know jack shit.....donkey koooooooonnnnnnng
  5. Mark posted on 02/23/2013 08:30 PM
    Ok,,,, lets blame this on "culture", not race.

    Problem is that it's a black culture that is causing this ongoing and chronic problem.

    As a kid we had a Portuguese cleaning lady in our home. As new immigrants she and her family struggled and I'm sure they were exposed to challenges and some prejudice. That was then. Now this family is productive and contributing proud Canadians. It's time that black culture pulled itself out of the past and stopped blaming others. Stand up for yourselves and fix your problems. All I can say is sometimes it must be embarrassing to be black.

    I'm all for stiff penalties and jail time for idiots who carry, borrow, or have a gun, and for all those who use guns during a crime. I'm tired of hearing about shootings caused by violent repeat offenders running around on our streets instead of them being in jail where they belong.

    I guess I'm prejudice. When I hear of a gun crime, I immediatly think it was caused by some punk black immature idiot.

    It's time the media stopped calling these idiots "brazen" and "gang members" and instead of that refer to them immature, childish, and cowards.
    1. Jim posted on 02/25/2013 09:25 AM
      @Mark The black community suffers from a host of different dysfunctions, ALL of them their own doing. The biggest one is a willingness to participate in crime and a tolerance for the people that do. I don't know if it's cultural or what, but I am sick to death of having to pay to basically bribe them to be good citizens. We have an immigration problem. There are two solutions; close the door and deport every last one that commits a crime.
  6. Mr. Negative posted on 02/25/2013 11:48 PM
    first of all, we need to take the discussion away from "blacks" and focus on all violence and criminals. We tend to focus on the bottom criminals and are afraid to go after the top guys creating the life of guns, drugs, prostitution etc. (most likely because the corruption will expose some of our world leaders)

    Secondly, what is your opinion on WAR? How does war teach anyone a lesson about reducing violence and having world peace? Say what you want, but the truth is we are all okay sending people into these situations to get killed or kill. While we sit at home watching law and order, criminal minds, the first 48 and other shows that promote crime and murder. But, when it happens on our streets, we all start to get upset and want to solve the problem and point fingers.

    We can only reduce violence and criminal activity if everyone decides to share. If we don't get back into the habit of being polite, sharing, educating and last but not least, loving each other, this won't be just a "black" issue.
  7. Murali posted on 02/26/2013 01:16 PM
    It is time for Toronto to learn from Singapore's (A city state of 600 Sq,km) Public Housing Scheme Experience.

    Toronto must develop mixed community living to promote communal exchanges. This will eradicate gun culture soon.
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