Depression, the disease no-one sends you a card for

Posted By: John Moore · 10/8/2013 10:26:00 AM

I love listening to Ted Talks. You learn something new every single day from history to psychology, environmentalism, science, the arts and gritty personal tales. I played a clip from one of those tales this morning on the show. Kevin Breel is a 19 year old student and stand up comedian. He's also a young man battling depression. Kevin talks with brutal frankness about considering suicide and the fact that it's something he struggles with again and again. And he's dead on when he says that depression is the one ailment where people run away from you instead of toward.

As he says "Would you rather your Facebook status said "I can't get out of bed this morning because my back hurts" or "I can't get out of bed today because I am depressed". See the full speech here:

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