How you can help a family in need

Posted By: John Moore · 12/17/2013 10:26:00 AM

We spoke this morning with the mother of Dew Rotor a 33 year old woman who underwent a double lung transplant on December 4th. She shed a light on the dilemma families from outside of Toronto face when waiting for organs to become available and helping through the healing process after surgery. Leslierae Rotor told us about how she has been unable to find a job while helping her daughter through this miracle surgery and as a result the family is now thirty thousand dollars in debt. If you would like to help out here's Dews website:

Meanwhile, I came across this photo essay this morning while prepping for the show and I wanted to make sure you knew about it. A photographer from the Toronto Star followed Constable Paul Russell through his day as hat bearer for his friend Constable John Zivcic, who died in a car accident while on duty. These are powerful images of friendship, compassion and ritual. Look for Chief Bill Blair draping his outdoor coat over the shoulders of Zivcic's former partner who grew cold outside because her pregnancy made it impossible for her to wear her formal tunic. 

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