Merry Christmas

Posted By: John Moore · 12/30/2013 9:17:00 AM

Hope you're having a great Christmas and that not too many of you spent any significant time in the cold without power. I know our NewsTalk family has been pulling extra long shifts to keep Toronto informed and allow you a chance to vent.

I've been spending time with family and a stack of books and videos I vowed to get through before the end of 2013.

The full Moore in the Morning team will be back on Monday January 6th. And just between us: thanks for making the show such a hit in 2013. Our morning show has been growing steadily for three years now. So tell a friend. 

See you in the new year.


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  1. Marlene Claessens posted on 01/03/2014 06:29 PM
    If talking about the gift cards for food,I'm wondering if these people had balcony's
    why didn't they use their heads and put the food on the balcony covered and would not
    have lost their food...what did people do in the old days...people don't expect hand outs.
    You are the government!!!!!
    1. Sonny posted on 01/07/2014 10:26 AM
      @Marlene Claessens The people qualified based on their address. Which was checked by the staff. Not everyone has a balcony. We threw out a few dollars of food that smelled bad.

      I shivered under 3 blankets because I couldn't turn off the water main because of calcium buildup on the knob which I didn't want to crack. So I had to turn on the taps on each floor to a slow drip. Also burned a candle in the kitchen sink because it faced out to the driveway where there was a lot of wind...
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