Relentess summer

Posted By: John Moore · 9/1/2014 10:21:00 AM

Wow, doesn't it seem like last week that we were playing School's Out? Where did summer go? And I know a lot of people are complaining that summer never really arrived but let's admit one thing: every day out of boots and gloves and in sneakers and Ts is a good day. 

Nothing is so relentless as the passage of time and few things are more melancholy than the end of summer. For most of us the summer unfolds in a familiar pattern. We approach it with a frenzy of plans, we eventually settle into a slower and steadier ease and when it's suddenly over we think of how fast it all breezed by and reflect on the things we never got to. It's life in short form. 

The bonus is most of us get to do it all over again next year and in the years after that. 

My thanks to those of you who have listened through the summer. We tried to set a lighter tone and not pretend that everything was urgently important (even though an awful lot of serious stories erupted in the last few months from downed planes to Islamic nutters running amok in the Middle East). 

As you get back to the routines of school, and work -and yes hard shoes and long sleeved shirts- we'll be there to get you up in the morning and let you know all the stuff most people are way too busy to keep up with on their own. 

Talk Tuesday. 

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