• Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Patrick Brown has decided to get a head start on losing the 2018 election. On Friday he announced that he would roll back the province's sex ed curriculum which went into effect during the last school year. 
  • Sorry Trump fans. The Donald isn't winning. Maybe he will. I don't know how he could turn things around. But the texts and e-mails I keep getting about how the polls are wrong rely on the same tired arguments from 2012. Back then Republicans so effectively insulated themselves from the numbers news anchors at conservative outlets couldn't disguise their confusion on election night. Even the candidate was stunned in spite of the fact that with the exception of a blip following the first debate, he never at any time led the incumbent. Obama, The guy who couldn’t win was handily elected for a second time.
  • I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at how hard some people work these days to run down things that give others pleasure. By various media this morning I was on the receiving end of messages about how overrated The Tragically Hip are and how small town the national outpouring of emotion on Saturday was.
  • John Moore talks with Dolly Parton about her new album, falling in love, growing old and that one song that made her more money than all of the rest
  • Alright, I'm back from my vacation and while I could blog about Trump I'm kind of with Michael Suba form Round 1 this morning who said "aren't we at peak Trump yet?". 

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