The good old days

Posted By: John Moore · 10/8/2014 3:47:00 PM

If you're up early you know about Double Double. At 5:47 AM NewsTalk 1010 and CJAD 800 do a joint broadcast. It's the first chat of the morning and while I'd like to say we trade intelligent thoughts about the day's big stories, it's more the kind of conversation you'd have with a friend who phoned you at 5:47 and said "what's up?". We just talk. 

This morning we got to talking about why Andrew Carter and I know each other so well; we worked in the same newsroom almost twenty five years ago. And it just so happens that almost everyone who worked there at the time has done alright in life. Our former boss Steve Kowch (who was the first person to hire me in radio) put the team together. Ann Shatilla was already a star, Montreal's sexiest and smartest radio news host. Mark Kelley was a reporter, ...