• The case of two parents who allowed their little boy to  die because they thought they could cure his illness with crushed peppers and horseradish is heartbreaking and infuriating. 
  • Well that does it! They've gone and blocked the peoples' will by refusing to honour the results of an on line contest to name a naval research vessel. British Science Minister Jo Johnson announced that the ship was too important to be given such a silly name. 
  • It would be too easy to say that Dave Agar rode off into the sunset today. It would also be inaccurate. With his retirement  Dave ceases being some strange creature of the night. He was often in bed before sunset, up at the crack of stupid and going home at nine in the morning as most of you were just settling in to your day. 
  • A listener asked on Twitter today what my thoughts on Ghomeshi are. I don't know that the world waits on my reflections but since you asked...
  • Prime Minister Justin Trudeau talks to John Moore about what it means for Canada to take on the terrorist organization

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