Bacon and strange voices in the night

Posted By: John Moore · 7/23/2014 10:13:00 AM

You never know where the good conversations are going to come from. On Tuesday Humble and Fred ended up taking calls and texts on what to do with old bacon grease. This morning, even as the world seems to fall apart...what did people call in to talk about but hearing strange voices in the night.

I mentioned that every once in a while when I'm asleep I'll hear a voice say my name. I'll wake up and there's no-one there. Even more vexing is when I think I hear the doorbell. I get little enough sleep as it is, why is my brain playing tricks that wake me up? Of course that brought on a series of phone calls about people who not only heard names but heard them spoken by people who were in distress, dying or dead. 

So Thursday morning join us as we talk with an expert ...