Let's talk about sex.....yes really

Posted By: John Moore · 2/24/2015 4:16:00 PM

Today's protest by people opposed to the province's sex curriculum update was a bit of a bust. I know some with say it's because real people have real lives and they don't have time for protest but numbers say something.  I suspect dissent on the policy is deeper than the two hundred people who turned out but my read is that reasonable people know that kids are living in a complicated sexualized world and they deserve to know things that could save their dignity, their wellness and even their lives. 

It's a false talking point that no-one has been consulted on the curriculum. The original one was drawn up after extensive consultation with experts, teachers, parents and even faith leaders. It was kyboshed because Dalton blinked when a small band of people who would complain about any sex talk of any kind barked. The update involved input from thousands of ...