Sarah Palin goes rogue...again

Posted By: John Moore · 1/26/2015 10:04:00 AM

With the traffic headaches we ran out of time this morning for the less important but nonetheless funny stuff. And that includes Sarah Palin's oddball speech this weekend in Iowa where potential presidential candidates were jockeying for position. Palin and the unhinged have been mocking Barack Obama for years over his teleprompter suggesting that he can't form a sentence if he doesn't have one. She often reads her teleprompter zinger... off a teleprompter. 

Teleprompters used to just be paper on rollers and they frequently jammed. It may be an urban legend but it's said that one of John Diefenbaker’s greatest speeches was improvised when the paper on his prompter tore. Sadly that was not the case this weekend when Palin's teleprompter broke down. She rambled on for minutes at a time stringing random sentences together from her greatest hits. You can watch the video here, or just sample from the ...