• The Jimmy Page interview captured a Silver Medal in the Biogaphy/Profile category
  • So a hockey game broke out on the floor of the Commons yesterday and ever since people have been losing their minds. 
  • Much like The Raptors, we`re going to the second round on The Peoples’ Voice Awards. We`re not pulling an American Idol tease here, we really couldn`t choose based on the first week of appearances on Round 1.  All five were strong. They each had certain things that put them ahead of the pack and a few aspects that leveled things out again. 
  • The case of two parents who allowed their little boy to  die because they thought they could cure his illness with crushed peppers and horseradish is heartbreaking and infuriating. 
  • Well that does it! They've gone and blocked the peoples' will by refusing to honour the results of an on line contest to name a naval research vessel. British Science Minister Jo Johnson announced that the ship was too important to be given such a silly name. 

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