Who could have predicted?

Posted By: John Moore · 9/12/2014 3:04:00 PM

Who could have predicted that lone wolf city councilor Rob Ford would run for mayor. 

that he would win

that he would be accused of smoking crack cocaine

that he would lie about it for five months

that the chief of police would call him on it

that he would admit it

that he would soldier on

That he would say "pu#$y" in live television

that he would appear in a video threatening to kill a guy

that he would appear in another video trash talking the chief in Jamaican patois?

That he would be stripped of his powers

That there would be a second video of him smoking crack

That he would go to rehab

that he would run for re-election

that he would be in second place

that he would be diagnosed with a tumour

that he would drop out of the race for mayor

that Doug Ford ...