Digital bonfire of the vanities

Posted By: John Moore · 10/27/2014 1:21:00 PM

A lot of people are shocked. A good number are shamelessly gleeful. At 47 the CBC’s  Jian Ghomeshi's career is in tatters and there are a lot of questions to be asked. 

I know Ghomeshi but I wouldn't call us friends. When you are in this industry you see a lot and not much of each other which is to say that I might see some of my media colleagues once a week but we've never had a proper meal together. 

I feel for him because like a lot of us, his career is his life. I have no opinion about his sex life except where consent is concerned and that's what this whole case is going to hinge on. But what a difference the internet has made. Britain’s' Jimmy Saville was a degenerate predator and he went to his grave a knight. Ghomershi's conduct remains a question mark but ...