Elijah's dad

Posted By: John Moore · 3/25/2015 4:23:00 PM

Elijah Marsh's death on February 19th shook Torontonians. When he was reported missing it was like the whole city wanted to join the search. Picketing workers at a plant near his home left their lines and went to look for him. Sadly one would find his body in the snow. Elijah was just three years old and he froze to death. 

Elijah’s father is Curt Barry. He's a working man too although he hasn't been able to go back to work since his son's death. Barry reached out to us and said he wanted to talk about what happened to his son. In a twenty minute interview he talked about how his boy loved his brothers, his mom and loved to run and play. He says he only watched the surveillance video of Elijah once because it was too much to bear watching the boy walk out of the front ...



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