Olivia Chow: Tactless & Power Hungry

Posted By: Ryan Doyle · 7/16/2014 4:29:00 PM

As many of you know I stopped riding Rob Ford’s “Gravy Train” a long time ago.

 Last municipal election I was one commentator that was trying to get as many people on board as possible, but I hopped off.

That doesn’t however put me in the camp of those that revel in the downward spiral the Mayor’s life has taken.

Quite the opposite.

When I hear comments like the one from Mayoral hopeful Olivia Chow my back gets up.

During a heated debate in Scarborough on Tuesday Chow was the first to go directly for the sensitive personal issues that have plagued the Mayor, rather than keeping the dialogue above the belt.

"Mr. Ford, even when you're clean and sober, you can't stick to the truth," Chow said during a heated exchange on the city's land-transfer tax.

The crowd appeared mixed on the former NDP MP's jab, with some applauding ...