Oshawa Couple Struggling to Afford Prescription Needed for New Twins

Posted By: The Jim Richards Showgram · 6/24/2015 3:01:00 PM

This afternoon we spoke with Jamie Barrette who's twins Shaylyn and Grayson were born six weeks prematuren. on Jan 28, and then Shortly diagnosed with a disease common in premature babies, necrotizing enterocolitis. 

In order to servive Shaylyn and Grayson need a special amino-acid based formula called Neocate.

Unfortunatley Neocate is very expensive and is not being covered by the couple's insurance or OHIP.

The couple have a crowd-funding campaighn that you can donate to at

Also, if you would like to sign a petition to lobby for Neocate to be covered by OHIP you can do that here:

You can read the original article by the Toronto Star's Sean Wetselaar here