Real Estate. For some, it is a walk in the park, but for others it's anything but. There's a world of information out there, but how do you cut through the clutter & find out what you really need to know? Join Todd C. Slater Saturdays at 5pm for his new show, Simply Real Estate. Todd will break it down and get to the heart of the matter, giving you the simple, straight talk on the many facets of real estate in today's world. Offers, financing, negotiations, & market forces are just a few of the topics Todd will cover in depth. You will also learn how to navigate the increasingly popular world of investment real estate!

287 Queen Street South
Streetsville ON Canada

About Todd C. Slater

As one of Canada’s top realtors for the past 20 years, Todd C. Slater has successfully negotiated thousands of real estate transactions. Over the course of his real estate career, Todd developed a strong reputation for both protecting & educating his clients. This reputation paved the way for Todd to host Realty TV, a live call in television show, for over four years.

Todd has now turned his considerable drive & passion towards creating a simple way for just about anyone to benefit from all that investment real estate has to offer. Having witnessed literally hundreds of investors lose their investment properties through lack of education, Todd was determined to create a better, more secure way of helping people build wealth through investment real estate. Five years ago, Todd founded The Simple Investor & SIREG Management Inc. to accomplish that goal. The company grew quickly, doubling their growth & investor base within the last year alone. Thousands of people have benefitted from attending his Simple Seminar, taking away valuable tips & information for today’s world. With hundreds of units currently under management, The Simple Investor is one of the fastest growing companies in the industry.

Todd is an accomplished speaker & educator, and has published numerous articles on real estate and investing. With his first book underway, Todd continues to guide people through the often confusing world of investment real estate, providing education and real world opportunities for people to create wealth for generations.