The Transit Alliance is a group of Toronto region business leaders and city builders devoted to unlocking gridlock through subway and transit expansion.

The Toronto region must create dedicated transit funding – with a 1% increase in our sales tax to go directly to subway and transit expansion.

With gridlock now costing approximately 6 billion dollars annually, the Toronto regions economic viability is at risk.

Join the Transit Alliance and help us push the 1% Solution to end gridlock. It is time to stop waiting for limited government funding that may or may not come from other levels of government; time to unlock gridlock and move the Toronto region  forward. Together.

Please sign our petition to support a 1% sales tax for subway and transit expansion in Toronto.


The Transit Alliance is holding a public transit symposium on January 22, 2013 from 7-9pm to discuss how we can improve transit in Toronto with panelists TTC CEO Andy Byford, Former Chief City Planner Paul Bedford and city Activist Desmond Cole.