WATCH: Fords stand by volunteer after fight at campaign office
Volunteer charged in scuffle with ''citizen journalist'' in Rob Ford mask
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The Ford brothers are standing behind a volunteer after he was criminally charged in a scuffle at Scarborough campaign office.

Self-described citizen journalist Paul Benoit showed up to the office near Lawrence Ave W and Warden Ave Wednesday afternoon. Wearing a rubber Rob Ford mask and his camera rolling, Benoit walked in at around 3:30 pm.

"I just wanted to go into the campaign office and say hello, just as a joke, to see what the reaction would be," Benoit told Moore in the Morning. " I was not expecting it to turn violent."

Once inside, Benoit's footage shows a man with a "Rob Ford Mayor" button pinned to his T-shirt walking steadily toward him. Off camera, a voice says "Get outta here, I'm calling the cops. You're not allowed in here." Benoit says he was pushed on his way out door.

As the men move outside the campaign office, a voice is heard saying "put that away" and a man appears to kick the camera.

Benoit feels the footage vindicates him and says it was after viewing the footage that police laid charges.

"The camera doesn't lie. The video is conclusive."

Police say not only was Benoit's camera knocked away from him, but he was punched in the face and the fight continued until other people intervened. Benoit was left with a black eye.  Doug Ford said Wednesday a volunteer had suffered a bump to the head.

Police say Benoit's opponent took off with his microphone.

William Byers is charged with assault, mischief and theft.

Doug Ford is promising to release his own footage of what he told CP24 was a "pre-meditated attack" on the Ford campaign that involves Benoit "kicking a 60-year-old man, jumping on his back."

"I really gotta question how this guy's even walking on the street right now," said Doug Ford. "This guy is a few fries short of a Happy Meal, in my opinion."

Doug Ford pointed to Benoit's YouTube channel that includes videos of his infant son and straight to camera rants about the mayor.  Benoit, who lives in Oakville, calls his brand of journalism "Hunter S. Thompson-esque".

Rob Ford told reporters Thursday he supports his campaign workers, but deferred questions to his lawyer, Dennis Morris, who is representing Byers. Doug Ford said not only did he support Byers, but that "he did the right thing."


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